Does God know if i will go to heaven or hell?

Answer: the short answer is : Yes.
God’s knowledge of our future follows necessarily from his perfection. God is perfect, and therefore all-knowing. If God didn’t know something, then He isn’t perfect. But we know God is perfect, therefore he knows all things. But, this does not mean that anyone is destined to go to heaven or hell no matter how hard they try to achieve the contrary. There is nothing like this. We are free to choose whichever we want from our actions here on earth. God knows what choices we are going to make, but not like one who knows the “future”. There is only “future” with us who are in time, with God who is eternal everything is before him in an endless “now”. “Future” indicates time, but we know that God who is outside of time created time. We talk of the past, present and future. With God it is different, God simply IS, he is eternal. He is the source of all being and sustains all of existence.
Also, God’s knowledge doesn’t affect our choices. Someone can know the outcome of an event without causing it. Meteorologists can predict the weather without directly causing it. God knows what will be without causing them. All our actions are free and belong to us, meriting reward for good or punishment for evil. I have tried to explain this delicate subject in the plainest of terms so there’s no confusion.
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