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I have been approached by some friends of mine who are part of a non-denominational Christian church who claim that God desires us all to be wealthy and that if we do not achieve wealth, it is due to a lack of faith.


Jesus tells a rich young man who wants to know what he must do to gain eternal life: “Go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me” (Matt. 19:20). Then Jesus says of the rich: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” (Matt. 19:24).

Your friends are only kidding themselves. The Gospels are full of examples of God’s favor being focused on the poor, not the rich. Jesus enters the world in a stable and lives in a working-class family. St. Joseph was a laborer, not a worker with fine wood. Through the years there have been many who have preached the gospel of the full stomach. But it is not the gospel of Jesus. Most of the saints who were born into wealth renounced it sooner or later.


  • christopher says:

    Ithink God want us to be wealthy because us agood christian we should save the needy people if you dont have wealth.what will you share with the who deosnt have?

  • God want us to be generous with what we have, because Our God is a great provider,

  • Angela says:

    God wants all to be wealthy…..in love, compassion, and kindness. If you have more monetary wealth you have a bigger responsibility to serve all gods people.

  • Todd says:

    Well I was raised with saying it’s easier for a camel to fit thru the eye of a needle than a rich man , but there are exceptions not a very many but there are some folks I’ve met that have wealth and are so generous and giving that I believe the good lord. Keeps giving them good fortune because they are like that

  • iC says:

    God gave David and Solomon wealth. As long as people with wealth are wise they understands that it is to be shared to the poor.

  • jean says:

    I also have a question or two regarding this… Our Parish priest gave plaques of appreciation to some descendants whose ancestors donated land for church building 50 years ago… Without the rich people, we may have no beautiful church here and now… And there also continuous asking for donations for this church… That made me wonder, can a poor afford to donate with today’s prices on basic needs? Even to offer mass intentions for the poor souls cost much… How can a poor save someone’s soul?
    To enter seminary to become a priest, how much does it cost? Or even if one is a scholar, who provides for their school buildings, clothing, food, etc?
    The parish priest would go on knocking at a rich man’s door for any projects of his parish…
    I am not a rich person but in a way, I wanted to be one so I can help more people, both living and the dead…
    Am I wrong?

  • Paolo says:

    If God wants us to stay poor, then helping the poor is pointless.. So being poor is the way to go??

  • Nidal says:

    The eye of the needle talks about the rich who made their money by oppressing the poor and they love their wealth more than God ( you can’t have two Lords) . The Bible also tells about many good rich people that God loves like Abraham. To be rich is not the purpose of our life and it shouldn’t, however nothing wrong in being rich provided we follow Jesus teachings special the first commandment.

  • Luke says:

    I think all of you have misinterpreted. If you are meant to be rich you will be rich in God’s plan but that is not God’s main Plan. He didn’t sent his Son to die on the cross just to make us rich! All of you please wake up! Honestly can I ask all of you can our current job by working make us rich? Only if you work extra hard take up more jobs, invest and through other means than we can make more money. So through all these obessions of getting rich we lose our main focus that is God! We are all humans there are several temptations if we try very hard to get rich we might lose our focus. The devil is lurking. Remember Life is a Gift from God. Not just to get rich but to understand, learn lead a purposeful life as we await His Coming! Take care brothers and sister of Christ. Amen!

  • Le Gamb says:

    Like, calm down. You sound very angry. No one is loosing focus… People are just asking an age old question. You don’t have to be so preachy!

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