Don't forget about the people of Nigeria! Boko Haram continues to kill Christians

With all the attention focused on the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, it can be easy to forget that our Catholic and other Christian brothers and sisters in Nigeria also face deadly Islamic extremism on a daily basis. Militant Islam is on the march around the globe and we must be mindful these evil people threaten every corner of the planet.
Boko Haram continues to do evil in the country of Nigeria and across parts of western and central Africa. The terror organization is a self-pledged affiliate of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.
These evil people are intent upon turning parts of Nigeria into a terrorist homeland ruled by the strict sharia law of the Islamic State. They are not content to manage themselves in their homes, they want to spread their evil ideology across Nigeria and the world. They are willing to kill to accomplish this goal.

Over the past weekend, Boko Haram terrorists killed eight Christians who were returning from church services.

Here were eight Christians, who had spent part of their day in worship, going forth to share the fruits of their faith with others, when Muslims shared the violent fruits of their faith. Riding on motorcycles, these terrorists hunted down and shot eight Christians for sport.
On Monday, the terrorists shot six more innocent people. They also fired on a convoy of soldiers, wounding three. The beheaded a chief and his son in the village of Tallari, then they burned homes in the village. As people fled, they fired indiscriminately into the crowd, killing two more.
The terrorist organization has disrupted farming operations and two million people are now facing starvation.
The Nigerian army is fighting back, but the conflict is terrible and costly.
Why does the world ignore the news of what is happening in Nigeria?
Why does the world ignore what is happening in East Africa, in Yemen, and across Asia? Even in South America, the Islamists have a presence.
Now is the time to fight back. Prayer and action will be required. The courageous Nigerian people should not have to fight Boko Haram alone. Boko Haram threatens the world, and the world has a responsibility to aid the good people of Nigeria who only wish to live in peace.
We must not forget that Christian persecution is a global phenomenon found in virtually every nation of the world.

By Marshall Connolly

Raphael Benedict

Raphael Benedict is a Catholic who wants nothing but to spread the catholic faith to reach the ends of the world. Make this possible by always sharing any article or prayers posted on your social media platforms. Remain blessed

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