Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shocks a church leader with a very special gift

The famous actor went the extra mile on this!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shocks a church leader with a very special gift. Dwayne Johnson — also known as “The Rock,” takes his celebrity status very seriously. Though the Hollywood actor is popular for his very powerful muscles, he’s also accumulated a massive following for the level of service he shows his fans.
There’s something very lovable about the former wrestler who loves to help others even though you may not be a fan of his action-filled movies. He is known for his charitable acts: Setting up a foundation for helping children at risk and the terminally ill. Also, to help repair flood damage in Hawaii. Dwayne seems to want to use his good fortune to help others genuinely.

In true “The Rock style,” the star recently turned up at a movie theater displaying “Red Notice;” his latest movie to surprise a fan of his, Oscar Rodriguez.

Dwayne noted that the personal trainer and Navy veteran dedicates himself to helping others and always keeps a positive outlook. Oscar Rodriguez is a church leader; he’s also known for making meals for women who’ve suffered domestic violence and also caring for his elderly mom. This act of service impressed The Rock, who is a self-declared mama’s boy).

While Rodriguez was delighted with the visit shared on The Rock’s social media. In addition, Dwayne gave the Church leader the shock of a lifetime when he gifted him with something very dear to his heart. Take a few minutes to watch the uplifting video and be motivated to give a helping hand, too!

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