Exorcisms are on the rise. Here are some things you didn't know about exorcism and demonic posession

Exorcists are needed more than ever as more people experiment with atheism and sin. This is the warning from two of America’s most in-demand exorcists.
Two American priests and trained exorcists, Fr. Gary Thomas, and Fr. Vincent Lampert, are warning that they can hardly keep up with demand.
In the past decade, according to a report in The Telegraph, the number of exorcists in the US has gone from 12 to 50.
Exorcists are specially trained priests who have the power and authority to cast out demons from people. Demonic possession is real and there are countless documented cases. However, most Americans fail to realize that the number of possessions is on the rise.
This rise of possessions is fueled by things like pornography, drugs, and the failure of the mental healthcare system in the United States. Many people are experimenting with paganism and atheism.
Evil is real. Demonic possession is real. It is not always what is the matter, but it does happen and when it does a trained exorcist is required to cast out the demon.
The Rite of Exorcism is shrouded in secrecy. In the past, qualified priests were kept anonymous to prevent people from harassing them or bombarding them with requests. Today, they are so busy they cannot remain anonymous. The internet now lists these qualified personnel.
Nobody knows how many exorcisms are being performed, but Fathers Thomas and Lampert say they can barely keep up with demand. Popular occult practices appear to open the doorway to many possessions, resulting in rising demand.
Many cases that people fear are possession are merely mental illnesses manifesting themselves in a way that frightens family and caregivers. In such cases, medical or psychological intervention is needed. However, in some cases the possession is quite real. This is where it becomes scary for many people.
The priests blame addictive behavior such as pornography viewing and drugs as causes behind the rise of evil.
In addition to full possession, there is also something known as “demonic attachment.” Such people can go about unnoticed but the demon makes them sick or show some other sign when they are near a holy place.
There is also demonic oppression which causes people to feel chronically drained of energy and depressed. However, the cause is spiritual, not mental.
Full demonic possession is uncommon. According to Fr. Lampert, only 1 in about 5,000 cases involves full demonic possession. In these cases, an entire “tribe” of demons may possess a person.
The priests do not merely assess and treat these cases on their own. They are actually backed by a team of doctors and psychologists who will also evaluate the person in question. This helps ensure that people in need of mental health attention receive it. And those with a genuine case of possession or attachment get the care they need as well. A good exorcist is also a skeptic and will take their time to discern the cause. Demonic possession is always the last, final option after psychological problems and other causes are ruled out. Only then can an exorcism be performed.
This caution causes some people to become upset, but the process takes time and the priests do not want a person to go without the help they need, which sometimes is mental health care.
Although all the exorcists are Catholic priests, about half of the demand for exorcisms comes from non-Catholics, Fr. Lampert explained.
The goal of a demon, Fr. Thomas told The Telegraph is to take a person’s soul to hell. They often influence people to commit suicide.
People who are concerned they could be experience a case of demonic possession, attachment or oppression should contact their bishop to obtain the help they need.

By Marshall Connolly

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