Feeling Depressed? 6 Beautiful Ways to Ensure Happiness, According to St. John Bosco

This is a beautiful way to look at life!

On  The Catholic Talk Show, Ryan Scheel, Fr. Rich Pagano, and Ryan DellaCrosse join author, life coach and Steubenville speaker Paul George to discuss why so many people are unhappy and depressed in our society.

The guys discuss how to find true happiness in life. They also cover advice from the saints about how to be truly happy.

Listen to this episode below:

6 Ways to Ensure Happiness, According to St. John Bosco

1) Live for God alone.
“Give God the greatest possible glory and honor Him with your whole soul. If you have a sin on your conscience, remove it as soon as possible by means of a good Confession.”

2) Be a servant.
“Never offend anyone. Above all, be willing to serve others. Be more demanding of yourself than of others.”

3) Be careful in your associations.
“Do not trust those who have no faith in God and who do not obey His precepts. Those who have no scruples in offending God and who do not give Him what they should will have many fewer scruples in offending you and even betraying you when it is convenient for them.”

4) Spend carefully.
“If you do not wish to be ruined, never spend more than you earn. You should bear this in mind and always measure your true possibilities accurately.”

5) Be humble.
“Be humble. Speak little of yourself and never praise yourself before anyone. He who praises himself, even if he has real merit, risks losing the good opinion of others. He who seeks only praise and honors is sure to have an empty head fed only by wind…will have no peace of soul and will be unreliable in his undertakings.”

6) Carry your cross.
“Carry your cross on your back and take is as it comes, small or large, whether from friends or enemies and of whatever wood it be made. The most intelligent and happiest of men is he who, knowing that he is doomed to carry the cross throughout life, willingly and resignedly accepts the one God sends him.”

Let us pray for all those who are sad and depressed!

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