God makes strange and unbelievable appearance in central Mexico

An unusual “hand-shaped” cloud appeared in the skies of central Mexico earlier this month.
A local man took footage of the rare phenomenon with his cell phone while driving in Michoacan. After uploading the clip to social media, the visual went viral.
The formation resembling a giant arm and hand has left many people confused and debating about the origins of the cloud.
“This looks like a palm of a hand stretching down with the fingers touching. It is like it is a Holy hand,” expressed one comment on the footage by, “Anastacisa.” While another user chimed in and described the scene as, “like a halo.”
Some people exclaim it is God showing himself to Mexico during a time of uncertainty with the Trump administration.
On the opposite side of the explanations are users declaring it resembles a UFO and it is a sign of an alien invasion or “the arrival of evil to the land.”
However, a meteorologist came forward to provide a scientific explanation to a strange situation.
According to the local expert, the shape is a large “vapor mark,” about a kilometer in length.
“This is a stationary lens-shaped cloud that forms in the troposphere, normally perpendicular to the wind direction,” he explained, according to the Daily Star. “The name for this rare type of cloud is a lenticular cloud.”
No matter what you believe the situation to be, it is important to remember that God is a part of our everyday life. Even if he isn’t showing you a sign – he is there.
By Abigail James

Raphael Benedict

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