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Google's former CEO to meet with Pope Francis

Google’s former CEO, the 136th world’s richest person, Eric Schmidt is scheduled to meet with the Holy Father at the Vatican today.
Pope Francis will be meeting with the Silicon Valley executive and philanthropist for 15 minutes at the Vatican, along with Jared Cohen, a former US state department official who is now head of Google Ideas.
The Holy Father have in his past statement described the internet as a “gift from God” because of its ability to offer “immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity”.
In the Holy Father’s 2014 speech on technology, he said: “This is something truly good,” calling social media an “encounter”.
“In a world like this, media can help us to feel closer to one another, creating a sense of the unity of the human family which can in turn inspire solidarity and serious efforts to ensure a more dignified life for all.” said the Pope Francis.

Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt

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