Groom surprises bride during their wedding ceremony with the most thoughtful gesture

You may need a tissue for this one …


On the day José Vitor Flach married his fiancée, speech therapist Cíntia Bonfante Pereira, he wanted to make sure the occasion was as meaningful as it could be. So the thoughtful groom decided to invite some extra special guests to the ceremony who totally overwhelmed his wife-to-be — and anyone who watches the video of the event.The Brazilian couple were at the altar when suddenly the doors opened and a procession of Pereira’s students with Down syndrome came into the church and headed down the aisle. Flach was beaming at the little guests and at his bride when he saw her joy and emotion as her young students came towards her — a couple of younger ones even steered their mini convertible most carefully all the way down the red carpet to arrive at the altar.


The adorable moment captures the obvious love Pereira has for her students as she marvels at their entrance. It was made doubly cute as all the children had pulled out the stops to come dressed in their Sunday best. The result was a little overwhelming for the bride:


“I love my profession so much and having the opportunity to have some of the children with us on this day was inexplicable. The emotion overcame me in a way that I thought my heart would not be able to handle!” Pereira explained to Razoes para acredita.


The speech therapist generally spends a lot of time with her students due to the delayed speech and communication difficulties associated with Down syndrome. She has obviously grown close to them and is a strong advocate for those with special needs, so much so that her wedding photographer was João Vicente, who also has Down syndrome, according to Inspire More.


Letting these children take center stage on their Big Day proves what is truly important to the couple. This incredible way to start married life will surely be a sign for many happy years ahead.

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