Headmaster of the Oratory school resigns

David McFadden is moving to Aquinas College in Perth, Australia, after 34 years at the school

The headmaster of the Oratory school in Fulham, west London, has resigned after being offered a new post at Aquinas College in Perth, Australia.
After studying as a pupil at the school, David McFadden started working there as a science teacher in 1982.
Speaking of his 10 years as headmaster, McFadden said: “I have loved my time at the London Oratory school. While staff, parents and governors have always provided wonderful support, the real joy of being the head at the school has been the pupils; they are magnificent. I will miss the whole community.”
Fr Ignatius Harrison, chairman of the governing body, said: “The school has grown and developed enormously under David McFadden; he has given us wonderful service and will be sadly missed. The governing body is currently looking to appoint a successor with the necessary vision and leadership skills to maintain the high standards and unique ethos of the school.”
Mr McFadden will begin his new job as headmaster in January 2017.

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