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Healing Novena to Christ the Great Physician

Say this healing Novena to Christ the great physician.

Repeat the following Healing Novena prayers every day for 9 consecutive days.

We know that there is one physician:

Both flesh and spirit

uncreated, yet born,

God in man,

True life in death,

From both Mary and From God,

Subject to suffering and then impassible,

Jesus Christ our Lord!


From You, of both flesh and spirit,

We ask O Great Physician,

for spiritual, physical, and emotional healing,

especially my intention of ______.


May we spend all of our days

in Your healing presence,

Of You the eternal Son born for us.


Grant us the healing benefits

of Your Incarnation, Death, and Resurrection,

From You who are true God and true man.


Grant us Your true life in the midst of death,

From You, the true life in death.


Grant us to follow Your example

and that of your Blessed Mother,

From You, from both Mary and from God.


May our suffering be for our growth;

free us, we pray, from that which we cannot bear.

We ask You, O God the Word who became man to suffer.


We ask You to grant us this healing

if it brings us closer to You,

Jesus Christ our Lord!


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