Heartbroken Archbishop responds to horrific campus murder-suicide, which leaves school shaken

Archbishop Rogelio Cabrera LĂłpez of Monterrey, Mexico, delivered an important message following a school shooting, in which the shooter shot at classmates, his teacher, then turned the gun on himself.
A video allegedly from the American School of the Northeast’s surveillance cameras, reveal the teen shooting three victims, a teacher and two students, in the head before wounding others and attempting to commit suicide.
In the footage, he appears to have missed his head, and he ran out of bullets, so he ran to his backpack to reload while everyone else cowered. He appears to say something, which leaves the students running for the door, then he shoots himself in the head and falls to the ground.
The unnamed teen was rushed to the hospital alongside the other victims. He died in the hospital, and the three head shot victims fought for their lives.
Another boy, who had an arm injury, was not in critical condition and was, overall, quite lucky to escape with minor wounds.
According to The Mercury News, state security spokesman Aldo Fasci reported the student shot a 24-year-old female teacher, a 14-year-old girl and boy, a 15-year-old classmate and then himself.
“The classes were going perfectly well [then] the student stands up from his desk and pulls out a gun.”
Fasci reported the boy had been treated for depression, but his motive remained under investigation. He then blamed the internet and media for glamorizing school shooters. “[T]he situation is happening everywhere,” Fasci stated. “The children have access to the internet. This has happened in other countries.”
The boy reportedly brought the .22-caliber pistol to school from home. Mexico used to have a program requiring all backpacks to be checked at school entrances, but many sections of the country have ignored, or the standard had simply become too lax until it fell away completely.

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Following the tragedy, Archbishop LĂłpez knew he had to send out a message.
“I have listened with great concern to the news of the difficult events that occurred today at the facilities of your admirable institution,” Archbishop LĂłpez stated on January 18.
“I want to express to you my most sincere support, as the father of the Church in Monterrey, in sympathy over these difficult events. In addition, as a pastor, I lift up to the Lord God my prayer for the entire school community you make up, especially for the people involved and their families.”
He offered prayers and consolations to all, saying: “May the Lord Jesus, who came to console the afflicted and share with us the Holy Spirit of Wisdom remain now and forever at your side and grant you peace.”
He encouraged the school community and prayed they “continue with the valuable work of comprehensive education you have always undertaken, since we know that it is the seed of a better society.”
Mexico has missed much of the United States’ rash of school shootings, but since the teen opened fire at the American School of the Northeast, one more shooting has occurred. Whether it is a sign of future shootings or simple timing remains unclear.
Please pray for an end to all school shootings and to children feeling so broken they are left with only one horrible choice. Pray for the lost, the lonely, the bullied and the afflicted, that healing comes their way and hope for a better future can be found through Christ, our Savior.
By Kenya Sinclair

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