Here are the answers to the Ash Wednesday quiz. How did you do?

Can you pass this Ash Wednesday quiz? Your goal is to answer all the questions correctly on the first try. Good luck!
Ash Wednesday
1. What is Ash Wednesday
A)    Ash Wednesday is the day Jesus died
B)   Ash Wednesday is the day Lent begins
C)   Ash Wednesday is the day Jesus hosted the last supper

Answer: B, Ash Wednesday is the day Lent begins.

2. Easter affects the day Ash Wednesday lands on

–    True
–    False

Answer: True — Ash Wednesday is 46 days before Easter Sunday.

3. The ashes on the forehead represent

A)    Mourning and repentance
B)    The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
C)    Commitment to God

Answer: Mourning and repentance — In Biblical days, those in repentance and mourning put ashes on their head. For this reason, Ash Wednesday observers put ashes on their forehead.

4. Is Ash Wednesday a holy day of obligation, that is, a day on which we are required to go to Mass?
–    Yes, it is a holy day of obligation
–    No, it is not a holy day of obligation

Answer: No, it is NOT a holy day of obligation. This is a common misconception.

5. What are the ashes made from?
A)    The ashes of deceased saints
B)    The ashes from a Church fireplace
C)    The ashes of last Palm Sunday’s palms
D)    A special blend of powder and holy water

Answer: The ashes of last Palm Sunday’s palms

By Marshall Connolly

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