Here’s how to jump-start your day with prayer

If you need help on how to begin your day with prayer, here is some practical advice.


For many of us, if we don’t do something right away, we never do it. Such is often the case with prayer.We say to ourselves that we will pray every day, but in practice, we never get around to it.


Here is one exercise you can do to help remedy that situation, taken from The Catholic prayer book and manual of meditations.


As soon as you awake, and it is time to get up, raise your thoughts immediately to God, make the holy sign of the cross, dress quickly, kneel down, and begin to pray.


1. Thank God that he has again permitted you to see another day, and guarded you against every evil during the night.


2. Ask him, with childlike confidence, to keep you during the day from sin and every other evil.


3. Offer to him all your thoughts, words, and actions of the day, uniting them to the sufferings and death of Jesus Christ.


4. Make a firm resolution to resist every temptation which may fall in your way, and ask of God the necessary grace to do so.


It is a simple spiritual exercise, but if you get into the habit of doing it every day, you will accomplish much more than if you continue putting off prayer to when you are “ready.”

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