This was originally written for our Facebook followers a day to Christmas (2013), hence the " receiving Jesus tomorrow"

I am sure you have prepared yourself to receive Jesus in the Eucharist tomorrow. But i do not think receiving him tomorrow ONLY is enough, it is STAYING with him.
Whenever you go for confession bearing in mind you JUST WANT TO RECEIVE COMMUNION FOR A WHILE, you “Cheat” on God whom you should love. You simply “rob” him and run; you approach him with the plans of hurting him later on. This is NOT CONTRITION, this is DEATH !
Going to Jesus because we want to ALWAYS BE WITH HIM is the one and ONLY way to receive him worthily. You cannot plan to sin against the Lord whom you claim in your prayers (Act of love) to love “Above all” and “Never to sin again” and still nurture the plans of hurting him even while kneeling to receive Penance or the Eucharist. This is fraud and a big sin on our part.

Jesus wants those who are sincere “Father, i have sinned” and they mean “Father, i have sinned against you, i am sorry, i DO NOT WANT TO SIN AGAINST YOU ANYMORE” and not “Father, i have sinned, forgive me today, i want to sin tomorrow, i hope your mercy will remain for me then”.
No matter how many times the priest says “I Absolve you”, you have not been forgiven, instead you may be guilty of even greater sin, that of “Lying to the Holy Spirit” and deserving of “death”  which is portrayed in St Peter’s encounter with Ananias, and his wife Sapphira. (not physical death, but committing a sin against the Holy Spirit)

You cannot Sin, come to Jesus’ pool of mercy, (which he suffered and died to give us) and still lie to him, trying to trick him. Oh, what else do we want Jesus to do that he has not done?

Prepare your self, but NEVER APPROACH Jesus in the Sacraments if you are not sincere. If you are suffering from a sinful habit , COME ! Jesus will heal you, but never lie or try to trick him by planning sins ahead or living with instruments of sin or sinful companions.
If you go for confession today and sin tomorrow, go back to the confessional, keep struggling against sin, Jesus will always help you, forgiving and helping you up every time, but NEVER LIE about it, admit your guilt, repent sincerely, and Jesus will make you new !

Lord, from time to time you stretch out a hand of friendship, of forgiveness, or love, of peace: help me that i may respond properly; reciprocating your love in my daily life, and through your mercy, merit to dwell with you eternally in heaven, where i shall see you as you truly are, unveiled and burning with love for me. Amen.


  • Rudy says:

    So its a sin to recieve him unworthily, and a sin not to recieve him at all right?

    • Catholic Say Staff says:

      It is not a sin not to receive him when you know you are not prepared. It is only sinful to receive him unprepared.

  • elsie tulio says:


  • nice, very clear and correct!

  • I only partially agree with you because your judgement is too hard. God our Lord sais. What you digest is too horrible for words…only the Devil itself can ‘think’ like that, surely?!… the rest of us are merely human and thus prone to fall and fall again?… When one of the Apostles asked “how many times shall we forgive?… Seven?” The answer was “Sevety times seven!” – personally, even after Confession, I ‘crawl’ up to God and wholehearted say “Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof”… If Him who was born of an IMMACULATE VIRGEN, would deign Himself to come to us!…I do not think we could EVER ‘deserve’ that visit, where it not… because HE allowed it!

    • Romel says:

      What the writer is saying is not to receive communion or go to confession when you are planning to sin again. It is different from, going to confession with the intention of not committing sin.

      If a friend stole from you bec he badly needed the money and later on repented, but has the “intention” doing it again, would you consider it true repentance?

      But if that friend repented and has no intention of doing it again (though he might fall to doing it again), is a different story.

  • keda smith says:

    A couple of times I have read about Deacons giving advice on certain subjects, (as claimed in this question) Please inform me if I have this wrong, BUT a deacon, cannot hear confessions nor can he say mass? BUT he can baptise and perform The sacrament of marriage?
    Please I would be happy to know what is right or wrong?

    • Maggie Bayne says:

      Keda, That is correct The Deacon cannot hear confessions or absolve sin, only a Priest, Monsignor, Bishop, Cardinal, etc can do that. The Deacon can perform Baptisms. The Deacon Cannot say Mass as he I
      does not have the authority of office needed for consubstantiation, Which is When the Priest consecrates the host to Heaven and Thus Changing the Bread into The Very Essence Of Our Lord and Performing “The Sacrifice of The Mass” a Deacon does not have the faculty of office to do this. As he himself has not been consecrated to do so.

  • Raven VANCIL says:

    No matter how many times the priest says “I Absolve you”, you have not been forgiven? If this is the case, how are we coming to the Lord prepared receive?

  • victormusara says:

    The article does not strip the God’s power of absolution from the Priest-please reread it

  • todd says:

    it is written how many times should I forgive my neighbour 7 times? the lord said no 77 times the priest sits in Persona Christi

  • Marie says:

    I go to Mass but I do not receive a consecrated host when I approached the Priest at the Altar and I crossed my arms to show that was not prepared and the Priest blessed me.

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