How a Guardian Angel helped St. Veronica Giuliani with her chores

Veronica had a special relationship with her Guardian Angel, who often helped her in the kitchen.

Catholics believe that each person is appointed by God a Guardian Angel, who is an invisible spiritual guide that accompanies us throughout our lives. While we may not be able to see them, their presence is often felt and their inner promptings can lead us along the path of virtue.

St. Veronica Guiliani, however, was well aware of her Guardian Angel and daily conversed with him and saw him frequently. Even her godmother saw Veronica’s Guardian Angel when she received the sacrament of Confirmation at age seven.

It is also written that St. Veronica was protected from assaults of the devil by her Guardian Angel and because she was frequently attacked by a demon, the Virgin Mary sent another angel to protect her from these vicious attacks.

Veronica also experienced several mystical visions of Hell. Each time she was accompanied by her Guardian Angel, who acted as a guide and protector.

At the same time, while she was aided by her Guardian Angel during these extraordinary supernatural events, she also received help with more menial tasks. At the convent Veronica received the help of her Guardian Angel while in the kitchen, assisting her with the basic chores of cooking and washing the dishes.

Veronica had a deep and abiding love of God and daily grew closer to him in prayer. This opened her up to countless graces, including the ability to see her Guardian Angel. It was a great gift, one that was meant for her sanctification.

The many encounters Veronica had with her Guardian Angel are a reminder to us that our Guardian Angel is right there, with us, at this very moment. We may not be able to see him, but he is there and wants to help us.

Sometimes all we have to do is ask with a firm trust in God’s divine power. While he may not help us wash the dishes or put the kids to bed, he is there as a spiritual guide, ready to help us follow God’s will.

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