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How a Kiss from Pope Francis healed a baby’s inoperable brain tumor

A Philadelphian baby named Gianna Masciantonio have been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor two weeks after her birth. This have been a very painful experience for  Joey and Kristen Masciantonio her parents. On the day Pope Francis visited the Independence Hall in Philadelphia of the US Joey and Kristen Masciantonio  went to the Papal Parade with little Gianna, to join the crowd welcome the Holy Father and get to see him personally, but they got more. Joey and Kristen Masciantonio with the help of an FBI friend got through the crowd, had little Gianna Stretched out to the Pope; Pope Francis received little Gianna and gave her a kiss on the head. Little Gianna Masciantonio got her healing from the Pope’s kiss on her head, after Pope’s visit Little Gianna went through carefully medical scan and examination processes which have all proved that she is healed and stating that the tumor has gone. Below is a picture of a scan displaying the Tumor’s presence around August 2015 and the healed brain without any tumor that November.
In the November scan, it’s hard to find proof of a tumor.
In the November scan, it’s hard to find proof of a tumor.
  “I think this is all from God. I believe the Pope is a messenger from God,” her father Joey Masciantonio said. The mother Kristen Masciantonio Affirms that their daughter is now at her best, she said: “She’s getting better and stronger. She’s blowing kisses. She’s starting to point at things,”  


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  1. God is great and and works wonders through people. Pope Francis is a real messenger of God. Thank Holy Father, may God’s healing reach many people. God bless you child and may you completely heal. We thank you Lord for Pope Francis. Parents to the baby, God bless you. May you guide the baby to grow in the manner God would want.

  2. A living Saint with the healing power from the office of Saint Peter! May our Lord Jesus Christ be praised for living us in the care of his chosen Shepards. Those who are called shall do wonders in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!

  3. I have always seen pope Francis as a living saint ,he is an extraordinary person.Indeed he was chosen by God and now God is revealing his true self through Him.may this child grow in faith,love and serve the Lord with all her heart.blessed are you parents who believed that God is really present through his servant the pope.God bless our pope,Mother Mary keep him safe in your loving arms.

  4. Enter your comment here…our God is great in his angels and in his saints
    another st Francis of Assisi has come in to existence in the form of pope Francis

  5. This miracle once more proved that God is realy with us-Emmanuel.
    I pray that this healing will be a point of contact to millions around the world that are suffering from one terminal illness or the other. May God grant them their own healing, Amen.
    To God be the glory.

  6. God bless Pope..we love u so much here in Philippines.. I know through ur prayers u can also heal my son who has unequal testes he’s only 1 yr old.. Tty Hnk u

  7. Stop spreading such irrational and unscientific claims. The church has not had a very good history of agreeing upon science and facts (the earth revolves around the sun, yes indeed!) I as a roman catholic am proud that the Pope agreed to talk about climate issues; the current issues and accepting atheists as human beings & god’s own children. But this stuff does not make me proud.

    • “God works in mysterious ways”.if the parents say the child has been cured. That is enough for me. Parents do not fake, serious things of their own children. Except may be, for financial gains. And I do not really see that here.
      As a Catholic, the most I am ashamed of, in myself, is lack of True Faith.
      Faith is what can move mountains. I do not want to preach. But Steffy…..dig into your deepest abyss, and true Faith, will heal

  8. When God’s power, protection and mercy surrounds his anointed servants, not even the evil ISIS and their assassination threats can shake the Holy Father. he’s a living Saint and will die in GOD’s appointed time. This brave and humble man of God only fears mosquitoes and NOT missiles and suicide bombs. Long live Pope Francis.

  9. I do believe in God’s miracle. In the name of Jesus, the trully healing all the illness to all the people who believe.. Amen.

  10. I think the family must have this documented and allow scientific tests done. So people will hear and know that GOD is awesome. Thanks be to God for using the spirit of Peter to heal this poor baby

  11. How. does one woman and man get the FBI to get them to see the pope up close? did they have a special reorganised meeting because their would have been numerous people that would have had similar health problems who would have wanted special treatment. with the FBI…But I feel. the power of faith can heal it could have been the faith that the parents had that worked towards the healing of the baby! The mind is a mysterious body

  12. God is good all the time. He is always using his faithful servants Pope Francis, Bishops, Priests & our Saints. My partner was assaulted on the 25th of September 2019. His left eye’s bone fractured, swollen, feeling the terrible pain & unable to eat. We asked St Theresa of lisiux to pray for him to God for healing during our daily prayers & the rosary. He went to the hospital for a scan on the 5th of November 2019, the bone was completely healed. Thanks be to God & St Theresa for her intercession. I feel blessed to be a Catholic, praying, & practicing what is preached by our Priests from the word of God through his son Jesus Christ our savior 🙏🙏🙏

  13. Is this a case of “blind faith” or an anomaly? That’s a very large jump to claim a “miracle”. It’s wonderful news for the entire family, but too much of a stretch when other factors might have been at play.

  14. Our Lord Jesus Christ is living with us and He is alive. Jesus has mercy on us and takes care of us everyday.Thank Jesus for showering your blessings through Our holy father Pope Francis..

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Written by Raphael Benedict

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