How are Catholics to view Protestant marriages?

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How are Catholics to view Protestant marriages?


Generally speaking, Protestants have two valid sacraments, baptism and marriage, although they usually do not consider marriage to be a sacrament. Assuming the husband and wife are both validly baptized and that there are no impediments to the marriage, the Church presumes Protestant marriages to be both valid and sacramental.


  • Jesse says:

    We pray the the Hail Mary and ask for intersession but can mary hear our prayers? A protistant I met whiles having breakfast said somewhere in the bible it says only God can hear our prayers.

    • Heike says:

      This is absolutely true, only Jesus can forgive sins, He’s the Way to the Father. As well all prayer is closed “in Jesus Name AMEN “. There’s NO OTHER WAY.
      Jesus is the Lamb and only His blood can make you clean .
      As a true Christian, ask Jesus, He’s the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He answers all questions. Because He loves you

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