How can I bring my Jehovah's Witness sister back to the Catholic faith?

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My sister-in-law left the Catholic Church about 10 years ago and joined the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Her “incoming threat” radar is turned to absolute maximum, and any slight religious comment is interpreted as a major attack. She also won’t accept religious literature. Is her soul in trouble? How can I love her back to the Church?


Many times it is not possible to evangelize a relative directly. Jesus himself pointed out that a prophet has no honor in his own country and among his own people and his own household (Mt 13:57). If she will not take religious literature and responds badly to religious discussions then the best thing you can do is pray for her and love her and refrain from doing things that antagonize her.
This does not mean that one should capitulate to Jehovah’s Witnesses sensibilities. I wouldn’t take a crucifix off my wall or anything like that. If she wants you to accept her the way she is, she needs to accept you the way you are. Be a loving Catholic role model for her, pray, and by God’s grace things may turn around.
Regarding her soul, there may well be danger there. We cannot see her heart, and what you should do is simply be a loving brother for her and entrust the care of her soul to God. He works miracles.


  • Kirk Morris says:

    I’m wondering about this subject, too, with regards to JW mother, who was raised in the Uniting Church, and stepfather. I’m not baptized yet, but hope to be soon, and worry about their reaction if I were to tell them my decision.

  • B. R. Solomon says:

    You can help to bring her back to the Catholic faith, if you yourself understand these things and can explain to her clearly. The reason she was converted to the other faith is that she was misinformed about biblical teachings.
    For the JW, their Almighty is Jehovah, whom they thought is the translation of the tetragrammaton name (Ex. 6:2) of the Israelites’ God in the Old Testament, which can be transliterated in English alphabet as IHUH, YHUH, IHWH, or YHWH, but never JHUH, JHWH, or JHVH, because there is no phonetic sound of J (hard J as in Jack) for the middle easterner natives, as it was to the ancient Israelites. But the ancient Israelites refrained from pronouncing the tetragrammaton name of the Almighty to avoid using HIS name in vain (Ex. 20:; Dt. 5:11). And so, they referred to HIM as “Adonai” (or Lord, in English), even for the Jews later on. Now, the tetragrammaton is translated into all capital “LORD” in many Bible versions.
    In the Bible, the tetragrammaton name of the Almighty is sometimes shortened to 2 letters only (Ex. 15:2), which can be transliterated to IH (or YH) and is pronounced as IA (or YAH, but never JAH), and which is still popular for the Christians today, whenever they say the praise “ALLELUIA” or ALLELUYAH” (Psalm 105:1, 106:1, 107:1, 111:1, 112:1, 113:1, 114:1, 116:1, 117:1, 118:1, 135:1, 136:1, 146:1, 147:1, 148:1, 149:1, 150:1, 150:6), which literally means “Praise IA (or YAH)” to mean “:Praise God” or “Praise the LORD”. Therefore, Yahweh is the nearest translation of the tetragrammaton name of the Almighty.
    But, in the New Testament, the Lord God Almighty (Rev. 1:8), who is the Alpha and the Omega (Rev. 1:8, 21:6, 22:13), the first and the last (Rev. 22:13), the beginning and the end (Rev. 21:6, 22:13), has a name; and his name is “JESUS” (Rev. 22:13-16).
    Jesus is the personification in the New Testament of the Yahweh God in the Old Testament, because “God was manifest in the flesh” (1 Tim. 3:16 KJV) and that the Word who was God became flesh as Jesus Christ (Jn. 1:1-14), with all the fullness of God dwells in Christ’s body (Col. 2:9).
    Yahweh God prophesied Himself to be pierced (Zec. 12:10) when Jesus was pierced on the cross (Jn. 19:33-37). Jesus is the promised Son who shall be called both “God” and “Father” (Isa. 9:6), because Jesus and the Father are one (Jn. 10:30). They are one, because Jesus is in the Father and the Father is in Jesus (Jn . 10:38, 14:10-11); and they cannot be separated. Therefore, seeing Jesus is seeing the Father (Jn. 14:9).
    When Jesus was still in the womb of his mother Mary, the Holy Spirit through Elizabeth already called Mary as the “Mother of the Lord” (Lk. 1:39-44), with the “Lord” referring to their Yahweh God, as Mary and Elizabeth were both Jews. Since “all the fullness of God is in Christ’s body” (Col. 2:9) and Mary gave birth to Christ’s body (Lk. 2:6-7), as well as that God was manifest in the flesh as Jesus Christ, who is the Word God (Jn. 1:1-14), Mary is therefore the “Mother of God”.
    Since “Jesus’ believers all together are Christ’s body” (1 Cor. 12:27) and Mary gave birth to Christ’s body (Lk. 2:6-7), she therefore gave birth to Jesus’ believers and is the “Mother of Jesus’ believers.” And since Jesus’ believers are called Christians (Acts 11:26), Mary is also therefore the “Mother of Christians.” Moreover, since the Church is in reality Jesus’ believers themselves (Acts 5:11;8:1,3;11:22;Rom.16:1;1Cor.4:17;6:4;11:18,14:19;etc.), Mary is also therefore the “Mother of the Church.”
    And, in the Catholic faith, we have the complete Family of God, having God as our Father, with Mary as our Mother, and we are their children, with Jesus as our Big Brother, as he is the Son of God or the Son of Man in his humanity. Even in our humanity, “our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit” (1 Cor. 6:19-20).

  • theresa shively says:

    You have no idea what your talking about, you are all hypocrites,Jesus and Jehovah are two separate entities the father Jehovah and the son Jesus.you are the ones contradicting the bible.

  • stephania says:

    If God do not want us to use his name he would not have let us know what his name is. Also he would not have put his name in the tetragrammaton close to 7,000 times if God did not want his name mentioned. Simple logic.

  • Roseac says:

    One thing I will never understand is why people make so much effort to misinforme others about the identifications of God and his son when it’s so clear in the Bible that they not the same person, Jehovah and Jesus are not the same person Jesus came on earth and said that himself if you people don’t believe what came out of Jesus mouth, how do you call yourselves Christians? But one thing I know for sure we will never stop preaching until Jehovah says we can stop.

  • David Todd says:

    Replacing one set of false beliefs with another will not help. I find getting people to leave religion and and trust themselves is the way to go.

  • elizabeth says:

    I believe and trust in the Catholic faith, as it is the original Church, and I really feel privileged to be a Catholic as I am a convert. None of the religions can say their church began in the time of Jesus. I thank God for the privilege of being Catholic. Thank You GOD.

  • Tina says:

    One of Jehovah’s Witnesses been one since 1994. I will give up my life for him to Jehovah God and my brothers and sisters. I study the Bible the authority back on forward and all different kinds of Bibles to make sure what I am tate is the truth and it is

  • John Plummer says:

    Isn’t this jumping from the frying pan to the fire?!

  • Lisa Cabello says:

    As an ex Jehovah’s Witness ( I left the Catholic Church at 25 and became a Jehovah’s Witness a year later and left the witnesses 4 years ago and came back to the Catholic Church) I can tell you to pray for her. I was a DEVOTED( for 30 years) Witness until 4 years ago. If someone told me 10 years ago that I was going to come back as a Catholic I would have called them crazy! 10 years ago I wouldn’t have even THOUGHT of coming back a Catholic! Yet here I am a Catholic! Flip flop doctrines, their own cover up of sexual abuse (silentlambs.org) helped me to wake up! I was one who went door to door with the Jw watchtower Magazine “exposing” the Catholic Church for their sexual abuse scandal. When I left the JW’s I left after an Elder from the JW religion I knew was arrested and ADMITTED he molested a family friend 30 years ago! I felt ANGRY that I was so ill used by the Jehovah Witnesses religion and USED to spread the sex abuse scandal when THEY themselves had the problem going on in their own religion. To this day they will LIE and tell their members they do NOT have sex abuse in their religion it is a LIE! Any religion that LIES to their members CANNOT be from God. The Catholic Church admitted it, apologized for it, paid for it and continue to try and prevent it, with education and healing. The Jehovah’s Witnesses have even yet to admit they have a problem. Trust me when I say when the truth of that comes to light she may come back. The doors of the Kingdom Hall WILL empty when this is brought to light. The UK Royal Commission is already looking into this and have found many lies and cover ups with this religion it is a matter of time before they can no longer hide it.
    I wonder how she feels that her hard earned dollars she is donating to the Jehovah’s Witnesses are being used to pay off lawsuits that have been filed on the Watchtower because of this scandal that is breaking out, One such lawsuit is that of Candis Conti who just won over 28 million dollars from the WT because of abuse on her in the 90’s by an Elder in her Kingdom Hall. Most witnesses have no idea that they have paid for this by their donations because they are not told. This is something not even mentioned on the platform in their meetings. I make sure I tell Witnesses when they come to my door.

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