How can I explain that praying before a statue of Mary doesn't constitute idolatry?

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I took my Evangelical friend to Mass with me last weekend, and after Mass she noticed a woman praying before a statue of Mary. She took the woman’s action as proof that Catholics worship idols. I’ve given her all the arguments in your tract “Do Catholics Worship Statues?,” but she still doesn’t buy it. How else can I respond?


Perhaps a little logic will help open some doors. Ask for her reaction to this comment from a Catholic: “While I was attending a Protestant service the other day I noticed a woman praying to the Bible!” What would she say about that characterization? Would she say the Catholic misconstrued what was going on, that the woman was not praying to the Bible which she held in her hands with her eyes closed and the Bible pressed to her heart as she prayed, but to the God who inspired the Bible?
No one would jump to the unwarranted conclusion that this woman is treating her Bible as an idol. So why would she jump to the unwarranted conclusion that the woman she saw treated the statue of Mary as an idol? The same goes for having a picture of a deceased relative on the mantelpiece of her home. Would any reasonable person accuse her of ancestor worship? Of course not, so encourage her to use the same logic when she watches Catholics pray.
You might want to read Patrick Madrid’s book, Search and Rescue: How to Bring Your Family and Friends Into, or Back Into, the Catholic Church.

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  1. Genesis 3:15 I shall put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; it will bruise your head and you will strike its heel.’

  2. the trouble of faith now a days is that, people (many in fact) most likely the reform faith side, know nothing about what faith in reality is all about… it is from their own lips comes they believe in the name of Christ and eventually been saved…yet they look at Mary as a thing of an “Idol”… in fact they are those kinds of blind followers of… of protesting… beliefs, who know nothing but to exult themselves in level higher than Mary… the ever blessed virgin Mother… they try all their best sweet words and great voices to upheld themselves before their listeners… Wow, picture how they are trying to deceived many who follows their ways of teaching… for in fact they knew not who really was the first to introduce and evangelize the Savior before mankind… look at them like a serpent seeds, who crawls down in their bellies… just to put a show of their corrupt wisdom… they all wanted to exult themselves above mankind, above the level of priesthood… in their way of preaching… do they really know who first evangelized about Jesus Christ into the world… for their own good if they know not, hear me speak of how it was been first of its kind, it was Mary the ever blessed virgin Mother… do not be surprised by the revelation… try to figure out how, why… and what where are my proof.. it was all written down for us to believe, written before us ahead of time… from the creation it was… there foretold, and during the advent… in the coming of Christ into the world of mankind… i do not think protestant teachers and believers could see it clearly written down in the sacred book, for they believe not truly the truth about the mysterious ways of God… it was hidden from the minds of the arrogant thinkers… the deceivers of the truth… Pope Francis tells in one of his preaching… “Reality, is more superior than ideals”… from this words of John, “the words made flesh”… which of this is the “reality” and the “Ideals”?… from the creation was a prophecy… that a “Woman will crushed the serpent head”… and in the revelation, “Saw a Woman clothed in shinning light, as a morning arising, fair as the moon”… those very thing that has been told from the beginning of the book of life is all pertains to a Woman… you blind teacher, do you not believe that you are blind teachers that leads the blinds into the pit of dungeon… you true “IDOL” worshipers… of reformed wisdom of nonsense… watch what your teaching to the people of God… you deceivers of the truth… now the bible is a word.. a word constructed from the minds of “?” lets says “GOD” okay that was conceived in the mind of God, inspired word… yet plainly this is an “IDEA”, now as we go on… a prophecy and promise that came to evolve in the history of mankind… came and was born from the womb of a woman… (meaning Woman).. flesh and blood… to further explain it, composed of natural body and the spirit in blood… was born the savior “Jesus Christ”… this is how things is being unfold in before mankind… so we pray not to the stone cut image, but to the representation of that image the Mother of God Mary the ever blessed virgin Mother of God… because it is the perfection of the reality that comes from the womb of the blessed ever virgin hailed by God as the “Favored one” by God… this we pray for… not the stone cut image of the image… what do the protesting teachers are praying about… in the bible… the coming of what”?” a notion that is lacking identity… ah yes, they must be thinking that in the old testament it was “I am” for who ever seems God means death, ah yes they are trying to deceived many by this idea, they will see death, the means of seeing God, can not be identified… but do they not know, that and i believe they knew it not though they are preaching they knew Jesus Christ as the Savior God, but they know not exactly what image is Christ like… Christ reveals to mankind the reality about God in his image, let me go back first and foremost in the beginning (Genesis) Gods created man in his own image, male and female he created “theme” … look here is the fault teachings of the protesting faith… where is the thing of bible in (that)… they love to praise the bible… as they do know what it is truly like… but Catholics, believes in the true likeness of God in mankind… now how do we explain the teachings of this protesting faith… they pray in their bibles… but we Catholics pray in the image and likeness of God kind’s… yes Mary is not God, but we only venerate Mary for her “Fiat” life, being the mediator and the vessel of God, in truth sense in the old testament was the Burning Bush (the tabernacle of Gods presence)… in the new testament was the Tabernacle of Christ himself, (her womb was where Christ is being mold).. into becoming mankind… didn’t that seen by the protesting thinkers… now how do we see it? “Reality against Ideals”… which is which is more superior… “In the beginning is a word, and that word, was made flesh”… everything begins from the conception of idea… because it became real, in flesh… this is were the protesting thinkers wish every one to believe… the question is pray to… the “IDOL” who is the IDOL, the one with an identity or not “?”… both have their own identity… bible is the word, Jesus Christ is the word in flesh… which of the two is the real proof of Gods existence… think… and listen to your heart, not from the dictates of other teachers who think they possess the mindsets and wisdom of God… in their faith… what is “faith” without the works and deeds… what is to believe in with… the Ethiopian Eunuch once declared, how can i understand the bible without one to explain it on me… it was the woks of baptism on the road at the pool by Philip i believe or was another “?” disciple, , that the eunuch understand… again at the road to Emmaus… the hiker meet Jesus on the way, they have heard about Jesus but have not known who in reality was he… again at the breaking of the bread,, was both came to believe that it was Jesus… now and again i tell all this are works and deeds not faith alone… what Christ always tells in his ministry… for with eyes that they may see, and ears that they may hear… this is the very words of Christ… in the gospel… now i asked… have you not seen, have you not heard it… the words is as good as it is… come into flesh… go pray to your bible if you believe that way.. think for yourself always what it brings you with… pray to the ever blessed mother if you rightfully believe in your own understanding, it is like that your faith is leading you not by what others believe…in with… but the holy spirit is en-kindled unto thee…

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