How could a perfect God create man who is by nature sinful?

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How could a perfect God create man who is by nature sinful? I know we all have free will, but why would not God create beings that are for the most part holy and not sinful?


Man was not created sinful by nature. God created man entirely holy and sinless. Our sinful condition is not the result of God’s creative work, but is a historical consequence of our abuse of free will. To say that God should have created us “for the most part holy and not sinful” fails to do justice to the true freedom and consequences of free will.
Free will means that even though our first parents were entirely sinless and enjoyed the life of original grace, they were still capable of choosing to be otherwise and forfeiting of the life of grace—and that’s just what they did. We, their offspring, are conceived and born bereft of this life, spiritually dead, in original sin. Even when we are spiritually reborn in baptism, we remain affected by concupiscence or tendencies toward sin as a result of having been conceived in original sin.
However, all of this is the result not of some defect in God’s creative work, but of the self-chosen circumstances into which our race fell in the very beginning.

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  1. is it wrong or sinful in the eyes of God for a woman who knows deep i side she committed adultery and still recieves Holy Communion without confession?

  2. I have another question. Fr. Robert Barron explained that original referrs to our tendencies to evil, even though we can also do good. If the Genesis is not meant to be taken as a historical book, then why is it always referred to Adam and Eve to explain the original sin?

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