How do I explain my decision to change parishes?

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I know it’s okay to leave one parish for another, but what is the best way to handle questions from parishioners from your former church? I currently attend a reverent Dominican parish. My former parish, which stresses the social, is struggling financially. What do I say to my former parish? Should I just use the excuse of more convenient Mass times or tell them the truth?


You have found a parish that obviously better suits you. By all means tell your former parish the truth, but in a polite way. You can tell them that you prefer quieter liturgies that emphasize God more than the congregation. They really do need to hear this—and often—until they begin to “get it.”

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  • Mary Frances says:

    No one parish can satisfy all human needs. A family of seniors does not need early education. A large population can but most parishes are more diverse.

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