How important is the Old Testament for Catholics?

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How important is the Old Testament to modern Catholics? I know that Christ fulfilled the old Law and all, but should we still feel that the Old Testament is important and viable to our faith?


The Old Testament is very important for Christians. The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains:
The Old Testament is an indispensable part of Sacred Scripture. Its books are divinely inspired and retain a permanent value, for the Old Covenant has never been revoked.
Indeed, "the economy of the Old Testament was deliberately so oriented that it should prepare for and declare in prophecy the coming of Christ, redeemer of all men." "Even though they contain matters imperfect and provisional," the books of the Old Testament bear witness to the whole divine pedagogy of God’s saving love: these writings "are a storehouse of sublime teaching on God and of sound wisdom on human life, as well as a wonderful treasury of prayers; in them, too, the mystery of our salvation is present in a hidden way."
Christians venerate the Old Testament as true Word of God. The Church has always vigorously opposed the idea of rejecting the Old Testament under the pretext that the New has rendered it void (Marcionism). (CCC 121-123)


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    • I’m a Catholic and I have never understood the reason why anyone who indeed went through the education of catechism would leave the Catholic church, in search of a better way of worship. If you were born into a religion like I was into the Catholic, how possible is it to retrain yourself to start screaming and start speaking jibrish that you call speaking in “tounges”. Tounges speaking is the fakiest gesture I have seen in religion. Anbody that studied literature would understand the meaning of metaphor, allegory and imagery and similé. “Speaking in tongues” means speaking in different dialects, just like two Thousand yearsfrom now, an uneducated individual would take the expression “it rained cats and dogs” to mean just that, when it actually means that it rained heavily! !!!

  1. If the Old Testament has never been revoked why do modern “Christians” (Catholics among them) ignore so many of the rules laid down there? Leviticus alone forbids many things (76 IIRC) and calls many of them an abomination. But today most of those rules are pretty much ignored by almost everyone.
    The only one that Christians (and I use the term loosely) keep trotting out is Leviticus 18:22 [“Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”] – seems like a prime example of Cafeteria Christianity to anyone that thinks about it – very much a “I like this bit so I’ll follow it but I don’t like that bit so I’ll ignore it”

    • I think here you have a confusion of honoring the Old Testament as part of a whole, completed Bible and following it as a stand-alone volume. Yes, we consider the Old Testament as a legitimate part of God’s Word, but, like the New Testament, it cannot be read completely on its own. We need both halves of the Bible for anything to make sense! Now, concerning what you have brought up, the daily applications of Levitiacal Law were revoked in the New Testament, the moral code was not. This is why we don’t have to worry about eating “unclean” animals and such, but the morality of sexual ethics is still considered valid.

  2. I agree with you! If you wish to honor the whole bible you have to stop eating unclean and start worshipping on God’s sabbath which is and always will be the 7th day. He only blessed one day.

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