In 2016, the Italian government has expelled a Macedonian 39-year-old Father, Ljimani Redjep and his family out of Italy after finding out that the Macedonian family have hugely been in contact with the radical Wahabi Islamists in the Balkans. The Macedonian lived near the northern city of Treviso in Italy.
Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said “Redjep has a deep knowledge of jihadism and is a strict observer of the rigid dictates of Salafist doctrine”. He confirmed that Redjep was fast becoming anti-western just as the hostile Wahabi Islamists of Balkans.
“Redjep refused to sign a letter of solidarity to France from Islamic associations in Italy condemning the November 2015 Islamist terror attacks in Paris” Interior ministry said.
Redjep’s son reportedly expressed support for the Paris attacks in the classroom, and saying things like “now let’s go to Rome and kill the pope” and “long live ISIS (Islamic State terror group)”, the Interior Ministry added.


  • Flavia Whitney says:

    What is wrong with those so called moslems sincerely? What wrong has the Holy father done to them, sometimes I wonder why God just doesn’t call them back to himself.. I guess some things are just too hard to figure out. Anyway may God protect our Pope from all evil and I believe he will.

    • Normando says:

      Nothing wrong with them. They follow Islam. You western people are so ignoramus. You think Islam is just another religion. Please do some research.

  • Oh dear God please protect Pope Francis. Please keep him well and free from all harm. He is very important to Your Church.

  • josephine says:

    God Almighty protect pope.

  • amir says:

    Why till now, Europe accept refuges and others? Till the day they will be majority, then… stop and send them back.

  • God send st.michael the Archangel to defend and protect Pope Francis.,and our church.

  • says:

    Lord Jesus Christ protect our Pope and your church

  • Joseph says:

    Glory and honour to God most high for protecting Papa Francis. He is indeed a blessing from God to the Catholic Church, as well as the whole world. May our merciful God continue to watch over him and overshadow him with His mighty wing. Amen.

  • Carlos says:

    Even if assassinated there will always be New Pope.

  • Lord Father Lord Jesus Holy Spirit protect to our Holy Father Pope Francis and our Churh

  • Darcy Seferoglou says:

    Dear God ,Our Father, protect our Pope Papa Francisco., we need him . Protect ou Holy Chruc. Amen!!

  • Musay says:

    Please do not accept refuges , they come with some goal such as this, spoil the EU and Western
    countries, why don’t they go to their brother countries such as Saudi, Qatar, Oman , Bahrain, Pakistan etc.?

  • Rose r says:

    We should armed our selves with faith and prayers with God. No evil befall on our Pope and all Christian believers for our Most loving and mighty God will always with us … Amen.

  • Phrimsing says:

    Lord placplace in your powerful protecting hand our dear Pope Francis. We also pray that all people realise the the importance of love and peace.

  • Kevin Nde says:

    Expel? So he can re-group with his other satanic clans?
    It’s a very wrong move. My Jesus protect his future victims who may not have the benefit
    of tight security as our Holy Father has.

  • Faulio Oloamanu says:

    Oh Jesus we surrender ourselves to you please take care of everything and protect our Holy Father, your representative on earth. Amen.

  • Lorretta says:

    Let us all pray for our Holy Father Pope Francis everyday. This is what God wants us to do. Mercy on our Pope Francis. By the Grace of God! They will not succeed. Jesus is Lord! Amen!!!!!!!!!

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