How Italy got rid of the Family that perfectly planned to assassinate Pope Francis

In 2016, the Italian government has expelled a Macedonian 39-year-old Father, Ljimani Redjep and his family out of Italy after finding out that the Macedonian family have hugely been in contact with the radical Wahabi Islamists in the Balkans. The Macedonian lived near the northern city of Treviso in Italy.

Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said “Redjep has a deep knowledge of jihadism and is a strict observer of the rigid dictates of Salafist doctrine”. He confirmed that Redjep was fast becoming anti-western just as the hostile Wahabi Islamists of Balkans.

“Redjep refused to sign a letter of solidarity to France from Islamic associations in Italy condemning the November 2015 Islamist terror attacks in Paris” Interior ministry said.

Redjep’s son reportedly expressed support for the Paris attacks in the classroom, and saying things like “now let’s go to Rome and kill the pope” and “long live ISIS (Islamic State terror group)”, the Interior Ministry added.

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  1. That’s why the world is suffering from unknown disease and killing a number of people I think it is just because of such people who leave by evil activities. This also include adultory, homosexuality, fornication and many other evil things therefore we should repent and seek for God’s mercy otherwise the punishment is to persist until we repent and become human For God and my country Amiina.

    1. Hands off from our Beloved Pope. Long Live Pope Francis. Jesus and Mary protect our Pope.

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