How staying united to God’s will can protect us from any storm

How staying united to God’s will can protect us from any storm

Life can throw at us many storms, but if we are united to God’s will, we can stay strong.


At various points in our lives we may experience a “storm” that has the power to completely upset all of our plans. We may have a very specific idea of how things should pan out, but when something comes to disrupt our idea, it wreaks havoc on our soul.


The key to weathering any storm is not to trust in our own will, but to trust God’s will above all things.


This can be difficult for us, as we may be afraid to follow God’s will, or think that our plans are better than his. Yet, the saints always prove that the more we trust in God and his plan, the more capable we are to weather whatever storm life throws at us.


St. Claude La Colombière offers an analogy to explain this idea in his book, The Sufferings of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


[A] sincere attachment to the Will of God is an anchor that maintains us immovable, because everything that happens is always in conformity to that Divine Will. I picture to myself a man seated on a rock in the midst of the ocean; the floods surge all around him, but he looks at them with composure: secure from danger, he amuses himself by counting the waves that break at his feet. Tempests arise, but whilst those who are on board frail barks, tossed about at the pleasure of the storm, turn pale and tremble, now buried in the abysses, now suspended in the air on the crest of a billow, he has no cause for fear. Can we help envying the lot of this fortunate person? Is it possible that, being able to cling to the rock, we should prefer trusting to a tempest-tossed plank?


If you want to have the strength to resist any storm, stay closely united to God’s will and it will be an anchor for you in times of trial.

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