How to communicate with your guardian angel on a daily basis

God has assigned them to us to protect and accompany us in our daily life. What can we do to fully embrace their presence in our life?

Faith teaches us that angels are spiritual creatures endowed with intelligence and free will. Ever since they accepted God’s loving plan, their partially immortal existence (since they too were created) has been spent in worshiping the One whom they obey and assisting in the governance of mankind in accordance with the laws of Providence. They take care of us, in general and in particular. We are aware that they’ve been assigned to protect and help us in our journey to heaven, but is it possible that we can enter into direct communication with them?

What are the functions of guardian angels?

The job of our guardian angels consists in facilitating our path to heaven. This means they help us to see God in all things and to choose Him above all things. They have not been given to us to provide a kind of life insurance. Guardian angels do not protect us from adversity, sickness, imprudence, or death — although they can assist us with those things. They help us to do our best and teach us how to grow closer to God.

Talk to your guardian angel

Each one of us possesses a guardian angel who we can talk to. In praying to those beings who’ve been assigned to accompany us, we are not taking anything away from God — on the contrary we are offering our thanks to Him for his generosity in giving us these heavenly aids.

So, do not hesitate to bother your guardian angel (as well as the saints particularly dear to you) so they can intercede for you. Your guardian angel must not be left with nothing to do. And who knows, maybe in talking to your angel, in making them a “partner” in your good deeds, perhaps you will be accorded the grace to really feel their attentive presence.  

Brother Thierry-Dominique Humbrech

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