How to foster a humble heart, according to St. Francis de Sales

We all can learn from these profound words of wisdom.

St. Francis de Sales, a French bishop during the 17th century, wrote a profound spiritual classic called Introduction to the Devout LifeHis writing style was unique and communicated his love of the struggling soul who greatly desires to increase in virtue. This book has remained over the centuries a popular source of spiritual consolation and contains a treasury of wisdom for every age.

Here are five powerful quotes from this spiritual classic, in which de Sales explains how to foster a humble heart.

Of a truth, nothing so tends to humble us before the Mercy of God as the multitude of His gifts to us; just as nothing so tends to humble us before His Justice as the multitude of our misdeeds.

There is no fear that a perception of what He has given you will puff you up, so long as you keep steadily in mind that whatever is good in you is not of yourself … a lively appreciation of the grace given to you should make you humble, for appreciation begets gratitude.

Never cast down your eyes without humbling your heart; and do not pretend to wish to be last and least, unless you really and sincerely mean it.

A really humble man would rather that some one else called him worthless and good-for-nothing, than say so of himself; at all events, if such things are said, he does not contradict them, but acquiesces contentedly, for it is his own opinion.

The proud man who trusts in himself may well undertake nothing, but the humble man is all the braver that he knows his own helplessness, and his courage waxes in proportion to his low opinion of himself, because all his trust is in God, Who delights to show forth His Power in our weakness, His Mercy in our misery.

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