How to prepare for and enjoy the feast of Assumption as a family

Teach your children that this is truly a day worth celebrating!


This day is truly special, so let’s prepare the Assumption feast at home. Children and adults need outward signs manifesting the rejoicing of the Church. Each family can find its own way to celebrate, which may turn into a family tradition.

Give free rein to your creativity 


Decorate your prayer corner with flowers, candles, drawings and prayers composed by your children and place in it a statue or an image of Mary. If you are unable to participate in a procession at your parish, it’s always possible to organize one at home. Why not invited some of your loved ones to join in it? Children will be delighted to help you decorate the statue of the Holy Virgin with (real or artificial) flowers and candles. They can also place some candles or flowers along the path of the procession.


Each person can contribute depending on their inspiration. You can also help your children make some drawings based on Mary’s Assumption or on the mysteries of Rosary. You can even make a series of drawings and assemble them into a mural. All you have to do is hang a long sheet of paper (a white paper table cloth will do) on the wall and provide all the artists with necessary materials: paints, crayons, magic markers. Protect the wall with plastic to keep it clean, if need be.

Learning to say “yes” like Virgin Mary


The Assumption is a religious feast. Explain to the children that Mary is the one who guides us on the path to her Son. St. Maximilian Kolbe even compared her to a shortcut on our journey to God. She encourages us to respond to God’s love with love. So, the best way we can honor her is to adore Christ.  This means we must follow her example: try to pray and love the Lord as she did.

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The major part of Mary’s daily life consisted of dull household tasks, but they’ve become a perfect representation of her love of God. They were her way of saying “yes” to the Lord from the moment she opened her eyes in the morning and went about her chores, to the patience and love with which she cared for her Son, or recited her prayers.


Because all of Mary’s life was consecrated to God, she consented to everything He asked of her. She said “yes” to the Annunciation, the Passion, and even accepted the death of her Son on the Cross. Our children must know this, because sometimes it’s so hard to say “yes” to God.

Help the parish in preparing for the feast


While it may be limited this year, you can also volunteer to help prepare for the Assumption feast at your parish. It can be a wonderful occasion to get to know everyone better. There are many ways you can help: clean the church, dust or restore the statue of the Virgin, buy or arrange flowers, etc.


Invite your parish priest to join in the family celebration.  Even if he declines, he will be happy to visit you on some other occasion.


On August 15, if you able to participate in Mass or a procession, it’s an ideal way to mark the feast. You can also do a procession at home.


Finally, make yourself available to the Holy Spirit, who is manifested in the sacraments and prayer. Above all, show your love for Virgin Mary and enjoy the feast of Assumption.


Christine Ponsard 

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