How To Prepare For The Holy Spirit To Come Into Your Life

How To Prepare For The Holy Spirit To Come Into Your Life

“Lord, increase the faith within us,”

Some of the apostles had asked Jesus, and just like them, we too might be tempted to request a larger “portion” of the Holy Spirit to achieve amazing things.

However, let’s keep in mind that the Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity. Whenever the Holy Spirit gives Himself, He gives himself completely, personally, and without measure. The Holy Spirit is a reflection of the total love of the Father and the Son.

The focus, however, is on our lives- for this is where the Holy Spirit wants to act. When we speak of the Holy Spirit filling us, traditionally, this means that He inhabits us more than being a mere presence.

We want to be just like St. Paul who said: 

“I live, but it is no longer I, it is Christ who lives in me” (Gal 2:20). We should never stop being amazed by this immense reality.

To the great Russian mystic, St Seraphim of Sarov, the desire for the Spirit is like a conquest. He says:

“The true goal of our Christian life is the conquest of the divine Spirit. Prayer, fasting, almsgiving, charity, and other good deeds in the name of Christ are ways of acquiring the divine Spirit …”

St. Augustine also said:

“Ask your loins: if they are filled with charity, you have the Spirit of God.”

This means that we have the ability to carry the supernatural presence of God within us.

Here are a few things to do as we ask to receive the Holy Spirit:


Is our soul ready to welcome this Guest who knocks at the door? For if we make our souls hospitable, ready to receive the Holy Spirit, then this arrival will transform our lives, and we shall be holy. We must prepare our souls to be a worthy dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. Using the words of the Pentecost sequence, the Holy Spirit will become “the very sweet guest of our souls.”


Still, on the subject of keeping the dwelling place tidy and comfortable that the Holy Spirit wants to stay there, We need to recognize the disorder of sin in our lives and ask God for forgiveness. Not only is this necessary but we must also strive to get better.


This will cause our soul to be more pleasant as we prepare to receive the Holy Spirit. It’s impossible to welcome the Holy Spirit in when we aren’t focused and are frequently distracted. It is impossible to have the Spirit of God in us when we are selfish and are not as caring for others and the world as we should be.


Prayer prepares us, and it helps us stay ready. Saying to God;

“Come, come into us, sovereign consoler,”

To increase our desire to receive Him, our ability to recognize His footsteps, and to hear Him knocking at the door of our soul.

The Holy Spirit wants to act in every person of goodwill who wants to make their soul a pleasant dwelling place for God’s supernatural life. Make room for the Spirit; your joy will be immense.

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