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Hurricane Patricia befalls Mexico

Catholics in Mexico expressed their gratitude to God in a thanksgiving mass on Sunday for saving them from Hurricane Patricia.
Late on October 23rd, Hurricane Patricia made landfall in a significantly  weakened state of Jalisco, though still at category 5 intensity with sustained winds of 200mph.It later stepped down to category 2 intensity in an area said to be occupied by at least 400,000 people where six people were confirmed to have lost their lives from the storm.
The storm as forecasted by Hurricane Hunters was feared to claim over a million lives but it fell weak on Mexicans than it fell on their farmlands in a storm category of 2:5 respectively.
Many Mexicans, especially Catholics interpreted this as the hand of God and his miracle upon their lives. Catholics on Sunday 25th of October gathered at the cathedral of Mexico City to give thanks to God for his saving grace.
“A prayer of gratitude and petition to the Lord who had mercy on our country by the path Hurricane Patricia took through the states that were threatened to be affected, and also for the people who suffered some tragedy. We place them all on the altar of the Lord” Says Fr Julian Lopez Amozurrutia, a Canon at the Cathedral.

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