I heard that praying after receiving Holy Communion is introverted. Is that true?

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More than once at RCIA, I heard that praying after receiving Holy Communion is introverted. Is that true?


Such a statement betrays a lack of understanding of what prayer is in general and of what Holy Communion is in particular. To be introverted is to be turned in on oneself. Prayer, if it is true prayer, is all about God. When we receive the Holy Eucharist we are physically aware of his divine visitation. It is a time of the holiest of communions in which we are most intimately united with each other because of our union with him. Often we hear liturgists insisting that we sing at such times to show our communion with each other—but Christ is the source of such union, not such feeble attempts to ape the real thing. By all means acknowledge the divine Presence under your roof. Nothing matters more—absolutely nothing!


  • Linda says:

    Arrrggggg, I understand the sentiment behind the “introverted” remark, but the thing is, you’ve just received our Lord and Savior…It is a very intimate moment and I believe prayer is warranted. I’ve often told Jesus how much I’d just love to give him a hug…when I realized I am sort of doing that when I receive communion. (lets not get into the “in the hand vs on the tongue” debate) I am a Eucharist Minister ( an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion) for those who like to have things stated properly. Sorry, a bit of a rant…anyway, when I’m giving communion, I don’t have the time to say thank you to Jesus in prayer, except for a quick thank you before I start distributing the Host or the Wine. I also realized that giving our parishioners communion is a wonderful gift to me, because I am allowed to do it and a gift to our Lord, because I get to help with the most wonderful thing the Catholic Church has to offer, I’m giving back, in my very tiny, small way…saying thank you Lord, and thank you to the folks who come forward to receive communion. I feel such love in my heart for each of those people, it is still an overwhelming experience. So, what am I getting at???? A prayer after receiving Communion is a wonderful and proper thing to do, but so is participating in Our Lords dinner…We’re all in God’s house, standing in his dining room, partaking in the most wonderful thing in this world.

  • Ruth Marta-Nevarea,OFS says:

    Thank you so muck for your reply, people need to know the importance of the most Holiest moment, when our Precios Lord comes down from His Heavenly Throne to be with His people, it is a time of rejoicing and giving Him all that we are in our humility as we partake of His Precious Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity.

  • Noel David says:

    There are no restrictions for prayer…. One can pray anytime, anywhere and from any place….. Yes, it is better to be somewhat of an introvert (i.e. introspect privately and speak to Our Father secretly) in prayer than be an extrovert (show off – like the Pharisee and go on with some lengthy incantation…). We must always follow the method of the Publican whenever we pray be it in public or in private…….. Lengthy prayers does impress the Lord a wee bit…. So it is always good for all of us to pray but it should be more in a manner where only Our Father sees it – and not before men – to show off how very “pious” we really are….

  • jmj says:

    If we pray at all it is divinely inspired anyway, all prayer is from God,true prayer and we in fact should always take a few moments to give thanks and adoration for our God sharing His body,blood ,soul and divinity with us.

  • rodel says:

    Amen. I always pray every after I receive Holy Communion to give thanks to our Lord. Thanking that there was such opportunity He provided for me to have Him.

  • Reva Perkins says:

    He has given of himself to you. He now is part of you! Thank Him, Adore Him, Surrender to Him, and ask for His help in your life. When I read the question, I was so crestfallen. This is not just a ritual! Its Christ in You!!!! Acknowledge Him. Humble yourself to Him — I can’t say enough. Holy Communion to me is so sacred!

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