If America can emulate from Africa; then in decades to come all of America could be filled with Catholics – Phil Lawler

The just released analysis of the number of Catholics in each continent have raised an issue in the statistical findings which proves that Africa have over decades past been doing very well that any other continent in their growth in Catholicism. Having that Africa has 40% of the world’s Catholics compared to that of America and Asia.

“During that time period, the Catholic population soared by 41% in Africa and 20% in Asia, approximately double the rate of population growth on each continent (23.8% in Africa, 9.6% in Asia). That rate of growth in Asia is impressive. But in Africa: 40%? That’s not growth; that’s explosion!”  says Phil Lawler.

Phil Lawler further said: In the Western world we tend to think of Africa as a continent riddled with poverty, violence, and disease. That’s an accurate picture, unfortunately; but it’s not a complete picture. Europe was a place of poverty, violence and disease after the fall of the Roman empire, until the rise of a Christian culture lifted the continent to new levels, creating a great civilization that has endured for centuries. We still think of Europe—what was once known as “Christendom”—as the cradle of our culture.

But nothing in life is forever. Europe is no longer Christendom, and our once-proud Western civilization is in obvious, steep—perhaps terminal?—decline. Africa, for all her troubles, is on the rise.






  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    There’s a lot of information being left out here. The population of Africa is still off the charts and leading up to disaster. The current population is about 1.2 billion, up from just 477 million in 1980. When put in that perspective, the growth of any major religion on the continent is understandable – but how does it compare with other religions? Islam is exceeding Christian growth around the world, including Africa, according to Pew Research.
    While the Pope decries the lack of attention to global climate change, he neglects to point out how much the RCC contributes to it by denying contraception to those who most need it, under penalty of eternal torment. It’s more important to try and breed more new Catholics, regardless of how much starvation and disease that brings, in order to defeat enemies such as Islam, right? Fortunately we are ignoring that claptrap in the US, where 6 people leave the RCC for every one that joins.

  2. Opin Reply

    it’s free will mr Patrick Gannon nobody forces anybody anything. You can either follow or not follow the teaching of the RNC or the Bible. Believe or not believe in this so called penalty of eternal torment. The church only say it as it is. Many are called but only few will follow as much as the church wants everybody to be save and have this so called eternal life they understand that at the end of days the church will be marginalized bcuz it’s not really of this world. Their hope is with god and his promise of eternal life. If will matter not that at the end of history only a handful of Christian remains for not all can pass the test. But we do hold on to that promise and we have hope.

    1. Patrick Gannon Reply

      Nothing wrong with “hope.” It’s OK to hope that there are gods and afterlives; the problem comes in when you believe and have faith in these things. When you do that you are pretending to know things you don’t know, and therefore you are lying to yourself.
      Is it free will when you are being extorted? What kind of free will do you have when a mob goon walks into your place of business and gives you a “choice?” You can choose to pay his fee or you can choose to have your kneecaps removed. How is that any different from choosing to believe, say and do what the RCC instructs, or choosing eternal torment? Not much of a choice is it? There’s not a lot of free will in that choice. The mafia goon is not giving you free will, anymore than Yahweh and Jesus are in this disastrously and incredibly evil concept of eternal punishment. Though we live here but a handful of decades, Yahweh, being all-knowing, already knows if we are going to Hell, nevertheless he permits us to be born and indeed go to Hell. Would you have a child if you clearly knew ahead of time, that child would be immersed in flames for all of eternity, or would you do the right thing, and put on a condom and prevent that child from ever coming to be?

      If what the RCC (you said RNC above – I’m guessing you didn’t mean the Republican National Committee!), says about Jesus, with its intentional mis-translations of the words “Sheol, Gehenna, Hades and Tartarus” to the pagan word “Hell,” is correct, then this is the most evil god ever conceived of by the mind of man. Far better to burn in moral superiority, than bow to this level of evil. If you believe the RCC’s teaching about Hell, then you believe in and worship the most evil god imaginable. I can think of nothing more evil than sentencing a mere human being to eternal torment in hellfire, where as I was taught as a child, your skin will burn off while being constantly replenished from below. Hold your arm over a cigarette lighter till the skin blisters and spits and burns black, and then imagine that all over your entire body, for all of eternity, though you only lived to be 70, for example What could possibly be more evil than that?

      Either the RCC lied (and they did with their intentional mistranslations) or their god is the ultimate evil and you are worshipping that evil. Now, what do you have to say for yourself? What’s even worse is that the RCC’s catechism says the default destination for aborted, miscarried or stillborn souls is Hell. Completely innocent, helpless souls are to go to Hell because they weren’t baptized, as the Church knows of no way to salvation outside of baptism.

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