If America can emulate from Africa; then in decades to come all of America could be filled with Catholics – Phil Lawler

The just released analysis of the number of Catholics in each continent have raised an issue in the statistical findings which proves that Africa have over decades past been doing very well that any other continent in their growth in Catholicism. Having that Africa has 40% of the world’s Catholics compared to that of America and Asia.
“During that time period, the Catholic population soared by 41% in Africa and 20% in Asia, approximately double the rate of population growth on each continent (23.8% in Africa, 9.6% in Asia). That rate of growth in Asia is impressive. But in Africa: 40%? That’s not growth; that’s explosion!”  says Phil Lawler.
Phil Lawler further said: In the Western world we tend to think of Africa as a continent riddled with poverty, violence, and disease. That’s an accurate picture, unfortunately; but it’s not a complete picture. Europe was a place of poverty, violence and disease after the fall of the Roman empire, until the rise of a Christian culture lifted the continent to new levels, creating a great civilization that has endured for centuries. We still think of Europe—what was once known as “Christendom”—as the cradle of our culture.
But nothing in life is forever. Europe is no longer Christendom, and our once-proud Western civilization is in obvious, steep—perhaps terminal?—decline. Africa, for all her troubles, is on the rise.

Raphael Benedict

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