If Catholic is the true Church, why are Protestants making more converts?

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If the Catholic Church is the true Church, why is it that Evangelical Protestants are more successful in making converts?


Having success in making converts isn’t any proof of the truth of a religion. If so, the Jehova’s Witnesses would be the true religion since they are growing even faster than Evangelical Protestantism.

On the other hand, failure to make converts doesn’t prove a religion is false either. In Jesus’ time, there were many who flocked around him. Everyone was interested in his Life; everyone who heard was interested. However, many were interested for the wrong reasons. Only a small minority of his contemporaries accepted his message and yet that didn’t make his messianic claims false.

They have been successful at making converts largely because they make better use of their partial truth more than Catholics are making of their more complete truth. Also, Catholics don’t do any door-to-door evangelism, that’s

Another thing to remember is RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)

This is another huge factor as to why there are fewer converts to the Catholic Church than evangelicals. Before an adult can join the Catholic Church they’d have to go through the RCIA process which starts at a fixed period. Usually ending around Easter.

The Rite of Election includes the enrollment of names of all the Catechumens seeking baptism at the coming Easter Vigil. Typically, on the first Sunday of Lent, the Catechumens, their sponsors and families gather at the cathedral church. The Catechumens publicly express their desire for baptism to the diocesan bishop.


So, what happens if the person comes in December? They would have to wait months to receive baptism and communion. In contrast, walking into a protestant church is tantamount to becoming a member. It’s basically “write your name here, you’re in”. No catechesis, no grooming, no screening of any kind.


There is something to admire in the Evangelical system. These people do not know God the way the Catholic Church does. Nor do they have the same Apostolic power as we do. However, these guys study hard. And this is admirable. Most of their members receive regular evangelical training. Even though there’s little understanding of scripture, but the stuff they believe, they believe fiercely enough to teach it. Most Catholics don’t know any more than the few things they recall from childhood catechism. But the actual meanings of what we recite every time at mass are lost. So, most Catholics cant really evangelize, cant share their faiths with others because they themselves don’t understand their own faith.

If the Catholic Church is the true Church, why are Protestants more successful in making Catholic is the true Church, why are Protestants making more converts?Kindly leave a comment

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