If God loves all his creatures, then doesn't he love Satan?

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My eight-year-old asked me, “If God loves all his creatures, then doesn’t he love Satan?” I told her that God cannot love sin and that Satan is sin. Please correct me if I’m wrong and help me find an answer that an eight-year-old and I can understand.


Satan is not sin. Satan is a fallen angel who chose to turn away from God. When God created the angels, he created them good and gave them the free will to choose to love him or turn away from him. Because of their purely spiritual natures and their greater intellect, the choice of the angels was one irrevocable choice for God or for self. The fallen angels chose self. While God loves every being he has created, he will not force his love on anyone and will allow them to choose against him.


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  1. I believe that God loves the sinner and hates sin, Satan is a fallen angel by and through his own choice and decision making. Him and his followers chose to turn away from God. God loves all creatures that He created but God condemns the evil doings or attitudes of His created creatures.

  2. i usually don’t respond to these, but now, I must. Please, Fellow Christians, DO NOT USE THE NAME “GOD” & “HATE” in the same sentence. God does not hate. In this particular example, God Hates Sin, God does not hate. He does not hate sin. SIN is an offense against God. If one is sorry for his sin, then God forgives the sin. Jesus died to concur SIN. If He hated sin, then he wouldn’t forgive it so easily, nor die for it. It’s all moot though, because GOD DOES NOT HATE. We all have a free will to choose & that is God’s gift to us. We use it as we choose. If we use it to offend Him, then we will be judged later. Until then, we have time to reflect, change, repent. If we don’t by the time our last breath is breathed, then that’s on us. Anyhow, Fellow Christians, I digress. GOD DOES NOT HATE. Don’t care what it is, HE DOES NOT HATE. HE IS LOVE. LOVE CAN’T HATE. He may despise. He may call things “abominations”; but HE DOES NOT HATE. Thank you all for your attention. I remain, A child of God’s.

  3. There is NOTHING in the Bible that substantiates the opinion that Satan is a Falling Angel. At least not in the main books of the Bible. I do not know of the Apocryphal books. People abuse the book of Isaia by using the metaphorical descriptions of the Assyrian king to try and prove that Satan was so glorious and then came to a fall. In the New Testament Jesus speaks of Satan losing his power to prosecute believers in the presence of God when He says that He saw Satan fall like a bolt of lightning from heaven. In other words, last mentioned should also not be abused for a different purpose.

  4. Question: God is the creator of Heaven and Earth and all creatures. Why didn’t The Almighty God take back the power of the Satan. Thank you for answering.

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