If i forget to confess a sin, has it been absolved?

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If i forget to confess a sin and later remember them, does it mean i have not been absolved? Do i need a fresh confession or am i good?


No, you do not need a “fresh confession”, you have already been absolved. If they’re venial sins, it is not mandatory to confess them even though the Church exhorts us to, if they’re mortal sins, we MUST confess them. However, if after going for confession with adequate preparation, and you really intended to confess a particular mortal sin but your memory failed you, do not worry, God already forgave it. However, it is wholesome to mention it in your next confession, but be rest assured your sins are forgiven and you’re in the State of Grace again.
Before going for confession, remember to prepare by praying, meditating on the Word of God (preferably the commandments, and Christ’s teachings on sin), and also reflecting on your actions to know where you’ve faltered. Doing this will help condition your mind for a real sacramental encounter with the forgiving Lord and the celebration of your continued conversion. If you prepare well, and develop the habit of regular confession, you’ll grow faster in the Spirit.
God bless you!


  • Patricia Mccall says:

    I’m glad to find that out, I would have added it to my next confession

  • Do you have to confess a sin if you have repeated it?

  • skywip3r says:

    Mary, I believe you have to confess again. If we don’t confess those sins that we’ve committed before, then every Catholic should only do confession maybe 3x in his lifetime as what I’ve noticed that most of our sins are done repeatedly.

  • Elremg says:

    Will god get tied off forgiving is the same sin again and again. Sometimes I don’t want to go confession anymore. I felt like it’s useless.

    • Barbara Hines says:

      Surely God will forgive you seventy times seven, as long as you are truly remorseful and trying to overcome the sin.

    • If you are not tired of committing it, what makes you think God is tired of forgiving you? Resist temptation and work on building up your spiritual muscles. The sin does not rule you; you can rule the sin.

  • Jaraw Francis says:

    What are the steps to follow when you make a confession

  • Sandy says:

    What if you haven’t gone since you’ve been a young child, and to recant every sin that you have done is an unimaginable process and when you go into confession you start of with, forgive me Father for I have sinned in my thoughts, and in my words.. Would this be enough to ask for forgiveness, or would I have to remember everything since the age of 8? I know it’s aweful, but I never liked going to confession. I feel horrible!

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