If I married a non-baptized person in a civil wedding, do I need an annulment to remarry?

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My first wife and I were married by the justice of the peace. I was baptized in a Baptist church, but she was not baptized at all. Do I have to go through an annulment process?


Since neither you nor your wife was Catholic when you got married, there were no special permissions or dispensations required of either of you. The Church, therefore, presumes your marriage to be valid. If you wish to attempt marriage again, you will first need to have your marriage investigated for nullity (i.e., get an annulment) to be certain that it was invalid. If it was, then you should be free to attempt marriage again.


  • Mary Bloom says:

    My question concerns my son. He and his e wife were married in a civil ceremony, he was born and raised Catholic but has since fallen away, she was baptized Catholic but never received any of the sacraments. If he should want to marry again would he need an annulment or was his marriage not recognized by the Church at all?

  • Sandra Vaidhya Raj says:

    Iam a baptised catholic but married to a hindu, the marriage was held according to the Hindu rites. I am not converted but profess my catholic faith. Am i still allowed to receive the sacraments n be buried according to my catholic faith.

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