If I missed Mass because of my work schedule, should I confess?

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My work shift is a five-day on, four-day off rotating shift. I have run into this problem a few times. My work hours are such that I could only attend the 7:30 A.M. Mass at my parish on Sunday. I had already worked my five days and was scheduled (not volunteered) a sixth day (Sunday). Not to mention that I worked an additional eight to ten hours of overtime already this week. I missed Mass in part because I was tired. The next Mass was 9:30 a.m., and I could not attend it without being late for work. I missed Mass, but not with the attitude of defiance to Jesus. Does this require me to go to confession?


If your employer requires you to work during the time that you could fulfill your Sunday obligation, or if you are exhausted and unable to attend Mass as a result, then these are sufficient reasons, just as being sick or having to take care of children are. In such cases you do not have a Sunday obligation and you do not need to go to confession. You are not sinning.


  • Miguel says:

    Too tired for Jesus? If you have a chance to go. YOU GO! Unless sick or caring for children. Also it an obligation in our religion to go to mass. If your employer isn’t letting you fulfill this it is discrimination. Bring that up to them. I brought this up to them and since then i haven’t missed mass since!

  • Rose Merkosky says:

    We will be going on a tour in the new year and will miss 2 sunday of masses ,Never ever missed a sunday mass wherever we travelled if we had to take a taxi but this is a tour and we go to 4 different places as I say were toured and if your not there you missed the boat and your own expense to get to the next location.

  • Christian says:

    At least you can watch the mass from the TV. My uncle do that because he is sick.

  • Joseph says:

    I have a question about this. One of the ten comandments is to keep the Lord’s Day holy and no one in he household shall work. Does this overrule an employer’s schedule?

  • missing sunday mass is a sin, but it will all depend on why you cant attend.

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