If I was baptized Catholic but later converted to Mormonism, is my baptism still valid?

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I was baptized Catholic as an infant. When I was 13, my adopted mother converted me to Mormonism. I recently resigned my Mormon membership; does my original baptism still stand in the Catholic Church?


Your original Catholic baptism was permanent and nothing—not even subsequent Mormon baptism—can change that fact. “Baptism seals the Christian with the indelible spiritual mark (character) of his belonging to Christ. No sin can erase this mark, even if sin prevents baptism from bearing the fruits of salvation. Given once for all, baptism cannot be repeated” (CCC 1272).


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  1. so sorry but u did not answer the question directly.i need to know if that type of baptism is the right one to do and whether if it done as an infant or until one is an adult.

    • Your original Catholic baptism was permanent and nothing—not even subsequent Mormon baptism—can change that fact. “Baptism seals the Christian with the indelible spiritual mark (character) of his belonging to Christ. No sin can erase this mark, even if sin prevents baptism from bearing the fruits of salvation. Given once for all, baptism cannot be repeated” (CCC 1272).

    • infant baptism isnt Biblical. If you are a Christian then get baptised now as an adult, that’s what God tells us to do. Whether you were sprinkled as a baby is irrelevant.

      • So when Jesus commanded the apostles to go baptized all the creatures in his name did he just meant the adults??? Wrong. “Everyone” includes infants, toddlers, teenagers, adults, and elderly. Let’s say your son was born with medical issues an he/she couldn’t make the best decisions for his own fenefit. you as a mentally stable parent would make those decisions for him/her (40 years old now) right? Even a mentally stable child before the age of 18 you make the decisions without consulting him/her.

      • Diana, please see Acts 2:38. Peter is telling everyone to be baptized not just adults. In the Catholic Church we are baptized at our birth at the request of our parents. Thank God! When we are young adults we confirm the beautiful decision our parents made for us as babies.

  2. If the Catholic church says a person can’t commit a sin until the age of reason (thought to be 6 years of age), how can an act taken without the decision of the person be valid and forever? When the person makes the personal decision for baptism then that is a valid act, the act of baby baptism is just something to make the parents feel good and a way for the church to try to keep the child under their thumb. I was born Catholic and left the church when I was 18 and started to question some of the teachings. The final answer I got from the church was “if I want to be a ,member of the club, I had to follow the rules of the club”. I left the club on that day and haven’t looked back. today I am free of the Catholic guilt and allow myself to be spiritual without fear what others in the “club” might think.

    • I don’t usually reply, but felt spiritually that I should. I’m sorry that you question the Catholic faith. I feel you are looking for an excuse to not follow your Catholic religion. You may not want to admit that when you were baptized as an infant. You were and are a Baptized Catholic.

      • You are outside the catholic church not because you can not build yourself spiritually but because may be you did not give yourself to know about the church and it’s teaching. Sorry try to get some books and read, then may be you will realised what you are looking for in catholic.


        • Gerry, you are mistaken. The official name of the Mormon church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Mormons are indeed Christians! The Book of Mormon, which is another book of scripture written by ancient prophets and similar in content to the teachings of the Bible, mentions the name of Jesus Christ far more times than the Bible ever does! The last page of the Book of Mormon states: “Yea, come unto Christ, and to be perfected in Him, and deny yourself of all ungodliness…”
          Jesus Christ is the chief cornerstone of the Mormon Church!

          • Mormons are NOT Christian they believe in a fake book written by a man who had several wives ! They don’t believe in the trinity and believe all men can become gods ! Total rubbish

      • I understand the Catholic Church’s stand regarding the invalidity of Mormon baptism. However, as one who was baptized as a Mormon (I later converted to Catholicism), I can say authoritatively that Mormons baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and use the immersion method.

  3. Hey, i received catholic baptism when i was a child, and i never get the communion. What can do now to get it .please need answers

    • Steve, you should contact your local parish about joining the next RCIA class. This will prepare you for First Communion and Confirmation that you will receive at the Easter Vigil. You will probably need to wait until the new, 2015 RCIA class starts, which is usually in September of the year. RCIA will require that you attend weekly classes, for about 6 months to prepare you the Easter Vigil. It is a very rewarding experience; you will learn a lot and gain some lasting friendships. Good luck to you and God Bless!

    • Steve talk to some one in your catholic church. The priest or the person who teaches RCIA. I was in your position for a long time before talking to someone about that. Last year, after 5 or 6 years of going to church regularly, I received did my first reconciliation and had taken communion for the first time. I also completed one of the sacraments which was confirmation. Hope this helps

    • Steve, my Fiance and I were in a similar position. In the end of September or early October our church began RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults). This is a class (if you will) which you will have to attend from Oct-May. They usually convene once a week. After Easter you will receive your Communion and your Confirmation. If someone has not been baptized they they will receive all the sacraments during Easter Vigil.
      In my case, I was baptized as baby. My mother suffered from Alzheimer and could not remember where I baptized and no one in my family could remember either. I only had a photo. So after advisement from my church I had a conditional baptism. I also received all my sacraments.
      This was the a special experience for me since my Fiance was also baptized at the same time.
      I hope this helps you. Start by talking to your church.

    • You can go to any Catholic church and talk to the priest. If you’ve had no religious education in the church he may ask you to enroll in classes, the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA).

    • Well you are baptized, if you have your sacraments of initiation which consist of baptism, confirmation, and first communion you should just need to Go to confession. Confession is the sacrament of reconciliation with God. Ask forgiveness for all your mortal sins and if you can’t remember because it has been a while at the end add. My dear “Lord, also forgive me for all those sins that I cannot remember” you might not remember but God does. Most importantly after you receive absolution try your hardest not to sin no more. When you fall again God will be waiting for you at the confessional. If you don’t have your sacraments of initiation talk to your local Catholic Church on how yo receive them. God bless and may the Lord fortify your weaknesses.

  4. You will need to contact your parish office and make an appointment with the priest to discuss it. He will most like tell you that you will need to go complete your sacraments through the RCIA process.

  5. Steve if you are baptised into the church all you need to do is see your priest about being confirmed and receiving your first Holy Communion. Simple. God Blessings be upon you 🙂

  6. You can return by just making an appointment with a priest and telling him your dilemma. I left the church for almost eight years and returned recently. The healing process is still occurring.

  7. RAywhat must be understood is that, as Catholics, we believe that Baltism has an effect. It is the cause that makes a change. In other faiths, it is the effect; the result of something else, evidence of ones change of heart.

  8. We do good things for our children; we don’t wait for them to choose to be vaccinated, to learn to read, go to school or eat their vegetables.
    Baptism imparts protection through the Holy Spirit, spiritually preparing the child for growth in the family of God!

  9. Enter your comment here…I want to ask something frenzz please answer me that if a Catholic girl is baptist and she is married a American Baptist guy n baptist again is rit or wrong?????? is really need to baptist again????

  10. I come from a Buddhist country. I was born a Catholic but my best friend was Buddhist. She died recently.She was an extremely good person. Is there no chance that I will see her in Heaven, just because she was not baptized through no fault of her own?

  11. Holy sprit is a spritual gift from God and no second gift he says born by the water not for sin sinners r born again by confese their sin.

    • From my understanding, yes, your baptism in the catholic church is still valid. They do not believe in more than one baptism.

  12. YES IM IN THA SITUATION! I was baptized as a chil and confirm, then when I was true trouble times the Mormons door to door was easy to school me to be baptized, and I did, However, in my 30s I realize my mistake, and I want to take the body of CHRIST COMMUNION, and always been confessing, however, I was told not to take the body of Christ? And I ask my self why! If already confess, and realize was a mistake, I married in Catholic Church and Pray every day novenas or rosaries, yet the priest say, I can’t do communion? Till “we talk” or do something? My fear is for 2 weeks not able to take the bread if Christ!!! What do I do!I set an appointment for this Monday with My Priest!What do I do! HE TOL ME 2 weeks ago to confess, again, did it and still, not able!

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