If Jesus was God, why did he pray?

If Jesus was God, why did he pray?

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One of my Atheist friends argued that Christianity didn’t make sense because Jesus isn’t God. He said if he was God, why did he pray. His argument was if Jesus is God, he wouldn’t be praying to himself.


This is a fairly common misconception for those who do not understand basic Trinitarian Doctrine.

We believe that God is one Being in three Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These are not “different” persons because they share the same nature, but they also are not one and the same. They are distinct from one another. So, the Father could send the Son to the world to take flesh and save us. That Son is Jesus who, from time to time while on earth, “communicated” with the Father in prayer. This is actually very simple. Prayer is a communication; in Jesus’ case, from a Son to his Father in heaven.

So when Jesus prayed to the Father, he was speaking to another person in the Godhead.

If Jesus was God, why did he pray?

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  1. A nice way to describe the Trinity…
    The Sun itself in all its splendour -God our Father who created the universe
    The Rays of the sun -Jesus who came down to earth
    The warmth from the sun – the holy spirit

    The sun, the rays, the warmth 3 different aspects from one thing
    The trinity – God the father, son and holy spirit. .. 3 beings yet one ….. Amen

  2. Jesus was 100% human, which means He was in flesh. In order for the flesh to endure all the odds to which it is subjected, the strength to do so can only be achieved by the empowerment which is provided by the spirit alone. Jesus was in the flesh, He always sought the power and strength from the Father who is in Spirit.
    Another perspective to understand Jesus is really God who was sent to redeem the human race, is, He was actually showing us the way. That we need to pray and pray and pray. He wasn’t doing that for Himself but rather for us. To show us that we need to live a prayerful life.

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