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If Jesus was really God, why did Satan try to tempt him? Doesn’t he know that God can’t sin?


Yes, he does know, which is why he tried to tempt him. If Jesus had succumbed to the temptation, the devil would have known that Jesus wasn’t the real Messiah.
Remember, the devil isn’t God. He isn’t omniscient or infallible and so doesn’t know everything. He can make mistakes. As Aquinas puts it:

The minds of demons are utterly perverted from the Divine wisdom, they at times form their opinions of things simply according to the natural conditions of the same. Nor are they ever deceived as to the natural properties of anything; but they can be misled with regard to supernatural matters; for example, on seeing a dead man, they may suppose that he will not rise again, or, on beholding Christ, they may judge him not to be God. (ST I:58:5)

Thus, to establish that Jesus was God, the devil needed to do a little testing.



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  • Haries Sankaradhas says:

    Jesus Christ is the way of life, the example of living for others. Probably, Jesus Christ undertook the trials to tell us that He knows about the trials and He can help us. So, follow Jesus and He is there with us during our trials. Be courageous.

    • sandaigdigan says:

      amen to you sir..

    • STEVE says:

      I think the good answer is despite Jesus is God He was fully a man too. That’s the mistery of the Incarnation. As a man He could sin but he chose to not in order to show us that even if we are men we are strong enough to resist to de devil.

  • mark says:

    youre explanations are unclear and conflicting…you mean to say that the devil didnt know that Jesus cannot be tempted..but jesus was infact tempted…It was then when he was in the mountains where he prayed

  • CMW says:

    Why did the Devil need to test whether Jesus was God? What is the devil’s motive for any test such as this?

  • James Sams says:

    Yeshua/Jesus was fully human, as well as fully God. Yeshua felt pain, just as we do; Yeshua knew that He had come, into this world, to die for our salvation, to take our punishment for us; Yeshua knew that He would suffer greatly; thus, Satan [knowing this] offered Yeshua a way to avoid crucifixion; a way to become Ruler over the kingdoms of this world…without experiencing the agony of crucifixion. Satan is, presently, the ruler of this world.

  • al says:

    Because it’s bullshit, fantasy, mythology, etc… Grow up!

  • Satan doesn’t know the meaning of the word no. We have to keep saying it to him if we are to follow Christ

  • Don Huzinski says:

    Did Adam & Eve die twice? The answer to this question explains everything.

  • keith says:

    We all have to agree that the Jews had the true God YHWH…..weather you call him Jah, Jehovah what ever the case would be. So u have to read Jews writing to understand the true God, cause they know him better and in their writings they wrote tat YHWH could not come down in the form of a man. Remember Moses said let me see you and God said no man can see me and live, but if you believe he was in the form of an imperfect man then how did the human race survive….but Jesus did cause he is not as divine as God. Remember Abraham he was instructed to sacrifice his son by God. Why? So that mankind would know tat is what God has to do to redeem us from sin bondage, with his son. If God is Jesus why then didn’t he tell Abraham to sacrifice himself in text form of himself. Remember also Jesus was killed cause he broke the mosic law stating he was God among other things….this tells me tat the Jews knew it was not the place of YHWH to be in the form of a man. If you in the trinity you are worshipped another God or he than YHWH the true God of the Jews…..remember Jewish language doesn’t have vowels but some bibles add vowels everywhere but not at John 1:1 the word was a god and it’s in the plural form not singular. So Jesus is a god but not Jah.

  • Henry says:

    Jesus Christ is God the son, remember three God head in one God. He is the second person in the Holy Trinity, the son of God. Meaning he is in the father and the father is in him too, remember those words? If you have seen Me, you have seen my father.

  • Joe says:

    God vs. Satan is the problem since Adam and eve. Once the temptation happened Jesus had to take on our sins. He died for us and our sins. If this didn’t happen then every time someone sinned they would automatically die. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. John 3:16. Not quoted exact to the t. There will always be good and evil. We always have a choice. The 10 commandments are the hardest for humans to follow. God knew this. At least we have guidelines to live by.I choose God and his angels and all the heavenly thoughts and rules. I am not perfect, but one actually is. I give and try to live to the best of my ability. I respect other people’s thought. I pray for everyone daily and try to love all people to the best of my ability here on earth. I believe that if we love our brethren as ourselves and try to get along things will work out for the better. Love one another.

  • yang says:

    Jw.org this website will help you answer all your questions if you will just personally read the bible and learn the truth by your self and not by others saying it.

  • yang says:

    Jesus’ opposers accused him of making himself equal to God. (John 5:18; 10:30-33) However, Jesus never claimed to be on the same level as Almighty God. He said: “The Father is greater than I am.”—John 14:28.
    Jesus’ early followers did not view him as being equal to Almighty God. For example, the apostle Paul wrote that after Jesus was resurrected, God “exalted him [Jesus] to a superior position.” Obviously, Paul did not believe that Jesus was Almighty God. Otherwise, how could God exalt Jesus to a superior position? —Philippians 2:9.

  • Kings Matter says:

    Yang, your comments make complete sense. Jesus was the image of his father, just as my son is the spitting image of his father. They are united in thought but are two separate people. Jesus was tried as an evil doer by Pilate and tried by Satan. James 1:13 says God can not be tried with evil and that He himself does not try anyone. So Jesus is not God, he is God’s Son. Another thought if Jesus was God, why did he pray to his Father in heaven when he needed his help? Just a thought for thinking people!

  • Francis Mlelwa says:

    The issue of trinity can not be understood by thinking ability of human being unless God Himself intervene our thinking point of view.

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