If our Lord's last name was "Christ," does that mean that "Christ" was also the last name of Mary and Joseph?

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If our Lord’s last name was “Christ,” does that mean that “Christ” was also the last name of St. Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary?


The word Christ is not a personal name but a title in Greek that means “the Anointed One.” In Hebrew, the title is Mashiach, or, more commonly, Messiah. The name “Jesus Christ” is a shorthand way of identifying Jesus of Nazareth as “Jesus, the Christ.”
In ancient Hebrew society, people used patronyms, meaning that they were identified as the child of their father. So, for example, Jesus was known during his earthly life as “Jesus, son of Joseph” (cf. Matt. 13:55). St. Joseph and the Blessed Virgin in turn would have been identified as the son and daughter of their respective fathers.


  • Sarah cutter says:

    Mary was born without the stain of original sin in fact she was conceived without original sin therefore she is the immaculate conception as she informed Bernadette at Lourdes the Devine son of God Jesus ws conceived in her chaste womb by the power of the Holy Spirit in accordance with the eternal fathers will . So as the father is God the son is God and the Holy Spirit is God the three Devine persons are equal in everything and in total agreement about christs conception .so that makes Mary favoured highly above all other woman . As daughter of the father mother of the son and spouse of the Holy Spirit.

  • Pat says:

    Beautiful but confusing

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