Well, no.

Engagement is merely physical and has no spiritual dimension. Until a couple stands in front of God and his people to pledge themselves to each other, they’re not married and should not get physical yet.

Marriage isn’t a simple superficial social event where people wear their fanciest outfits to. It is a deeply spiritual event which unites two souls together in a humanly-unbreakable bond that only death can sever.

There will come times within the marriage when you two will be apart, does that mean waiting for a while will be impossible? Sex isn’t the only thing one can enjoy from a marital partner. Share in some wholesome activities that are capable of binding you two together.

Remember sex can make splitting up difficult, can impede clear judgement, etc. Some people out of guilt or lust marry the wrong people. Guilt because they do no know how to leave someone they’ve slept with, and lust because they do not know how to leave someone they consider “good” in bed.

I feel like most potential couple spend so much energy on sex that they forget there will come a time when the fires of these passions might become dim, or one of the spouses might become incapable of sex because of health or some other reasons. But if you have spent time, and you should, working on your friendship and joint interest, you’ll discover that adding physical intimacy after marriage binds you even close together.

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  • Joe says:

    So, is it alright to leave someone with whom you had civil marriage and wed with another person (since wedding or standing before God and congregation is what matters spiritually)?

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