If you want to keep your family together, here’s where to begin.

The life/unity of the family is upheld by the parents. Even though some may argue the children as well, but the initial formation of those children is the shared responsibility of the parents. If they fail in doing this, the life of the family is threatened by disintegration; they make camps for themselves instead of being in unity.

This unity must first exist in the parents and then flow to the children. It is precisely this unity that gives strength to the family and keeps it alive and awake.

Remember that even the slightest but an unhealed rift between you and your marital partner affects the family whether it is kept secret or not. For such discord grows; they do not remain stagnant. As the family grows and expands, the once small seed of discord expands with it until it ultimately ends in overt disunity between the Marital Partners and also the Children. These little ones face the heartbreaking task of choosing either daddy’s or mummy’s camp.

Therefore, if you want to keep your family together, you have to remember to first swallow your pride and make peace with it’s members especially your spouse. You cannot expect things to magically work themselves out. When your spouse, for instance, tells you you’ve done something to hurt them, do not keep quiet and expect they’re going to simply forget. No one actually forgets wrongdoing, they are helped to get over it through a sincere apology. If you talk about your issues in a gentle manner, the other person could be helped to understand why you did what you did and can forgive and be unbothered by the thought in future. But unresolved issues, no matter how small, could plague your marital unity and for what? Because one person runs away from confrontation or is too full of himself?. So think which is more important to you? The unity of your family or your imaginary self-image, choose wisely.

God bless your families with love and stability!

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