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How do we know for sure that Jesus had only male apostles? The New Testament was written hundreds of years after Christ died, and some situations could very well have been changed to suit the people in power or the authors.


First, the New Testament was not written “hundreds of years after Christ died.” Because historians consider “living memory” to be approximately 180 years, even liberal biblical scholars concede that the New Testament was written within living memory of Christ and the apostles. Many scholars believe that the New Testament was completed by the end of the first century, which is within 70 years of the death of Christ. The books of the New Testament were not officially placed into the canon of Scripture by the Church for several hundred years, but they were certainly written well before that time.
The New Testament offers several lists of the names of Christ’s apostles, all of whom were men (Matt. 10:2–3; Luke 6:13–16; Acts 1:13, 26), and records that they were specifically chosen by Christ from among his disciples. It is the responsibility of those who claim that the New Testament is at best incorrect or at worst a falsified document to prove that assertion.


  • mannyfreshone says:

    Yall trippen it was within 100 of jesus death not centuries later y lie!!! Get ur facts right

    • Michael Snow says:

      This illustrates the problem with the Headline…that is all some people will read and remember. Many people are inclined to read no further in these ipod days. Christians need to use better discernment about how they present many things.

      • Evans says:

        That’s right!

        • The painting is likely one from the Middle Ages. Historians have determined the haircut styles, etc. of Jewish men of the First Century. No long hair and no beards. Whoops! Only women wore their hair long and sorry Jewish men at that time were clean shaven. The New Testament books may have been written before 100 AD but they were not compiled as a Bible until about 200 years later. They were written by unknown scribes in Greek.

    • That’s the truth! Glad someone brought this up.

  • ken1lutheran says:

    Not only were all of the books of the NT written in the first century, all except John 21, John’s epistles and the Revelation were probably written before 70 AD. Yes, I include most of John’s Gospel; it refers in the present tense to a pool in Jerusalem that no longer existed after 70 AD. However, John 20 ends in terms that are clearly the end of that Gospel as originally written; John 21 appears to have been written substantially later, when speculation arose as to whether Jesus had said that John would not die before the Second Coming. The Revelation was plainly written during John’s exile on Patmos during the reign of Domitian–hence, very late in the first century. The epistles, especially the second and third ones, appear to be late works of the apostle. Given that the books of the New Testament are quoted copiously by other works as early as the late first century and through the second, and are referred to by the early second-century writer Papias, it borders on the absurd to suggest that they were written centuries after Christ.

  • If one thinks only of human ability, then how can one trust the Bible at all? If, however, the statements in the Bible are correct in saying men wrote as inspired by the Holy Spirit, and that scripture is indeed God-breathed, then man’s memory, or its limitations, are of no consequence.

    • Jacob Anthony Tucker says:

      You have said it all, Bob. Some people only try to put themselves on a showpiece but their thinking is not of any religious focus.

    • I think the confusion comes in as to when the Books were written and when the Bible was compiled. As you say, they were written likely after the destruction of the temple but before the 2nd century. However, the Bible was not compiled until a couple of hundred years later.

  • mark says:

    2 timothy 3:16

  • Tom Kersey says:

    Junia (feminine form in the original Koine Greek) was listed as “great among the apostles.” Re: Paul’s letter to the Romans. chapter 16. This name has been mis-translated as the masculine-appearing name, Junias. The “s” ending suggests a masculine name, which is misleading. It should be apparent to Koine Greek scholars that “Junia” was female. Truly, she was not one of the original 12 (or 13, if you count Judas Iscariot) but listed as an apostle none the less.

    • DARRAN says:

      The problem isn’t with her gender, it is with the fact that text doesn’t actually call her an apostle. Honest Koine scholars acknowledge that the text says “well known to the apostles”.

  • baldo says:

    Please read the Poem of the Man-God, its enlightening…

  • sarah cutter says:

    The apostles of jesus wer all men but he did have woman deciples with Mary of bethany being one of them Mary was the younger sister of lasreth whom jes visted freguently while martha prepared the meal mary sat at jesus feet while he taught her the scriptures wen martha complained that mary had left her 2 do all the work jesus pointed out that mary had chosen the better part . Another woman deciple of jesus was mary magdalyn and whow who was the first 2 see the risen jesus also the woman at the well whohe asked 4 a drink and then he told her he would give water that she would no longer thirst and the woman who followed him all the way 2 calvary and cried tears of sorrow and piety his blessed mother was a deciple of her devine son from his infancy infancy .jesus ordained 12 men as his deciples but he did not ordain the woman they had their own place in his church.

  • Sammy Caballero says:

    Faith do not need proof and explanation, only science.

  • gigi says:

    The blind leading the blind both fall into a cliff. All you fools do not know the real truth behind this and all you parrots have are repetitious information you memorize from the bible. You people are not interested in seeking and understanding the truth.

  • Ricardo Tan Jr. says:

    I agree with gigi, the truth people is this, the bible itself is not 100 percent perfect.. It had been subjected to corruption for the benefits of those who were in power and fraud religious leaders.. But i am not saying it does not contain the truth.. But please people, when you read the bible, pray for a strong mind and that may God our Father give you wisdom and enlightenment that you may be able to distinguish the truth from the false truth.. The truth my brothers and sisters is this, only our brother Jesus is they way, the truth, and the life(salvation).. No religion was built by Jesus Christ, because Christianity had always been and will always be a way of life taught to us by our Father thru our brother Jesus Christ.. It was never and must never be treated like some sort of religion..

  • However what these article fails to say is that there were many other gospels around that time which see jesus not as a divine being and also talk of female apostles, such as Mary magdalene. And the Church banned those documents….The Church never talks about this things, so 99% of people believe that the new testament is all there was and also believe, erroneously, that the Gospels complement each other ,as if they are all part of one, so whatever lacks in one document or does not make sense, is complemented with the other..that is not the case, there were different documents , written at different times times by different people, some of which no one knows who they were. The NT is plagued with mistakes and contradictions , some are banal yes, but others are not , like for example the day and time of death of jesus, that is huge, because it affects dogmas , or also who was at the Holy Sepulcher when jesus allegedly resurrected – each Gospel has a different version …how can there be so many different stories ? and these are just a couple of examples, there are HUNDREDS…. and to think the whole faith rests in these documents. The Church just tales advantage of the fact that people are indoctrinated as little kids to believe everything they say and by the time they grow up , no one cares enough to take the time to check the facts for themselves, but it is very easy to do so.

    • Jason says:

      Actually, if you were familiar with real study rather than atheist websites you would be familiar with what Abraham Rihbany described in The Syrian Christ as ma besay-il, or “it doesn’t matter”. For the Semite absolute precision when recounting an event is not necessary, and indeed in the days of oral recounting most likely impossible. What is important is conveying the main point of the story with whatever incidental details are convenient to remember. It also applies to things like time where, without a wristwatch, it had to be judged by little more than the position of the sun in the sky, or perhaps someone with a sundial or sand-clock blowing a horn on the hour. That is what we see in the gospels, which are four accounts of the same events that had diverted into four communities before they were written down, each recording the details that were important to the principal of that community.
      The only people who were at the tomb when Jesus resurrected were the guards. The first visitors to the tomb were a group of women, some of whom are named in the various gospels. Those named might have been the source each author was drawing on when collating their information.
      The documents you describe as “gospels” were never accepted as such by the church. We have traditions of the church fathers going back to the late first century and early second century concerning church acceptance of the four gospels, the majority of Paul’s epistles and a few others besides. The gnostic documents were never in the running, and if you read them and compared them to the culture of first century Israel you’d know that it was impossible for them to be preserving accurate traditions. The only extra-biblical book that was seriously considered for canonization was The Shepherd of Hermes, but that was found to be too far outside the period for apostolic authority.

    • Scott Deason says:

      Guillermo, you have obviously been infected by books such as The DaVinci Code as well as some of the so called lost books of the Bible. Your outlook is one with the spirit of antichrist. You are in error.

  • What you are saying that since the Church did not like what they said, they were not accepted. Also, a little BS is always acceptable.

  • Kamal says:

    If they were inspired, as is this story an inspiration. HOW CAN anyone say Bible is the Word of God?

  • Simplicio Freo says:

    Who ever wrote the NT if He or She is posses of the “HOLY SPIRIT” it’s absolutely True …
    What do you think ?…. Agree !…..

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