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What do you have to say about the constant comments that the Pope and the Church is somewhat masonic or has something to do with Illuminati? And that she is false?


Illuminati is an offshoot of Freemasons. In fact the Church has been in constant war with these and similar cults throughout the ages hence the issuance of an excommunication punishment for any Catholic who joins these societies. An excommunication renewed by St John Paul II. You must also know that the Freemasons reject people who publicly profess Catholicism from being members of the cult, especially the clergy. One time, a priest said he was a member of the Freemasons cult and was excommunicated by the Church and was also publicly rejected by the cult.
The church’s teachings are totally incompatible with their beliefs. And as a matter of fact, the founder of Illuminati, began this cult with grudges against the Church and so did all in his powers to fight her teachings..
Therefore, anyone who says the Church is Masonic or has a link to Illuminati is the most unrealistic liar. A lie history exposes if you’d research on the wars of the Church against cultism.
And also on the Church being false, Jesus already swore “the gates of hades shall never prevail”. Anyone who says “the Church is false” and also believes that Christ isn’t a liar is confused. If you want to believe that the Church is false you must believe first that Christ is a liar. However if you’re a christian and believe Christ cannot lie (and truly he cannot) then you should believe that his promise to his bride, the Church holds true forever.
We believe in a Christ who doesn’t lie, he made a promise, he keeps it. The Church is strong forever against the onslaughts of the devil and will always stand until her glorious Groom returns.
Christ is true therefore his words are true. If his words are true therefore the Church cannot be conquered by hell. If the Church cannot be conquered by hell, therefore the Church is always true !


  • Catholic Church is Not Masonic

    • Karen Ripple says:

      I read that Archbishop Annibale Bugnini, a prelate who made all the changes in the liturgy, was indeed thought to be a Mason. Repeat THOUGHT to be a Mason.

      • joferev says:

        The good Archbishop Bugnini faithfully implemented the reforms–NOT changes–in the liturgy, which the Second Vatican Council envisioned. Because of this, Bugnini–along with and especially Bl. Paul VI–were MALIGNED by their opponents, who were mostly ultra-Traditionalists who refused to breathe in the fresh air that St. John XXIII had hoped would invigorate the Church.

        • Karen Ripple says:

          CHANGES, joferev! The priest now faces the people, now the people hold their hands in the priestly stance during Our Father thereby diminishing the priest, no beautiful Gregorian chants but awful Protestant music, now “sign of peace” where people are hi-fiving and hip-bumping and hugging each other. These are disgraceful CHANGES, not reforms. Oh, the Church was invigorated alright! Hundreds and hundreds of parishes closed, priest and nun vocations are at an all-time low. My only consolation is that the Traditional Latin Mass is now being renewed by young people the world over. It is the only Mass being said in France. The TLM is not the feminized, Protestantized version of the holy Mass, its roots go back to the Apostles. Bugnini is rightfully maligned.

          • I agree with Karen Ripple.

          • Josephine P.Sedilla says:

            I agree 100%. Let’s pray more rosaries for the return of TLM traditional Latin mass wherein God’s body, blood,soul, and divinity are truly and really present. Where all the angels and saints in heaven and the poor souls in heaven are united wirh us by virtue of the communion of saints.The true unbloody sacrifice of Jesus’ bloody sacrifice on calvary. The Blessed Virgin Mary at the foot of the cross is also present at the foot of the altar in the real mass of all time.

    • Michael Konigsberg says:

      “Therefore, anyone who says the Church is Masonic or has a link to Illuminati is the most unrealistic liar. A lie history exposes if you’d research on the wars of the Church against cultism.”
      Yes… however… most tragically: The Second Vatican Counsel was organized by the Freemasons/Communists – having theretofore successfully infiltrated the clergy and the episcopate and the Vatican itself – in order to change the Mass and create a new one (to make it as close to the Protestant liturgy as possible) with the express intention of wearing the faith. Since then, in the decades following, we have seen mass fallings away from the Church, huge reductions in vocations, once-faithful followers succumbing to the seductions of the so-called sexual revolution and homosexuality, and the horrifying relaxation of clergy, bishops, and the Vatican towards homosexuality and Socialism… bringing us to the lamentable and horrifying state of abuses and the beginnings of schism we have before us now.

  • lorderico libante says:


  • The Wild Voice says the pope is fake…

  • papadebeau says:

    Yes, of course the Church IS NOT Masonic, however, that does not mean many masons can not infiltrate into high rankings of the Church with the intention of taking it down. No they will never be able to destroy her, as Jesus promised us and referred to in this article, however, that doesn’t mean they can’t do great damage from within. Jesus never said the the gates of hell can’t be hurt the Church right? But only that the gates of hell shall never prevail right? True?

  • catherine mwina says:

    the devil is a liar and these are the end times. Satan will use all vice to bring down the church but it will stand firm till end times.

  • Alan Bowyer says:

    I have a question. Who is head of the Church ?.

    • Catholic Say Staff says:

      Christ is the Head of the Church. The Pope is his Vicar, head of the Church on earth.

    • frank says:

      Alan the head of the church is Jesus and Pope is vicar of Jesus

    • Visuca says:

      Alan, the Head of The Church is its founder, our Lord Jesus Christ. Here on Earth the head of The Church is the Pope, who in deep conexion with the Three Persons of The Holy Trinity, Father-Son-Holy Spirit, gouverns The Church, this ENORMOUS conglomeration of Jesus Christ followers that call ourselves Apostolic Roman Catholis.

  • frank says:

    Its true Jesus is a head of church pope is a vicar on the earth represent christ

  • desmond uzor says:

    I understand more and more! am proud to be a Catholic

  • Peter says:

    Catholic Church is the first and so shall it be forever. Am proud to be a Catholic.

  • AMEN… I believe in Catholic faith and unity within the church (JESUS CHRIST)

  • Camille Martens says:

    Are you kidding me ? Where are you people getting your info about the masons ? Do any of you know that the first requirement of joining the masons is belief in the one true God ? One of their tenets is to “make good men better”. Why do you all think they are some kind of religious cult or demonic society ? That could not be further from the truth. You should all stop watching the history channel because what they are portraying is false. My husband is a mason, as is my priest, and they are both godly men who put their Creator first and their families second. Stop listening to and believing in all the hype you hear and read about the masons. Get the facts before you judge.

    • Godfref says:

      Not the true God you mentioned but belief in a god. That is why you have Buddhist and various men of other faiths including Satanists congregating together under the same roof. Are they practicing Christian worship or Islamic or Buddhist or voodoo worship? Let your husband educate you better.

      • Melody Rain says:

        So goes the heart of the big controversy.
        Since the Masons do not follow one particular religion, and since the Masons see all their members as equal thereby respecting all religions equally, somewhere in their long long history they pissed off a Pope and “there’s your sign”.
        The Masons do not practice any worship in their meetings. Their chaplain offers a prayer to “the Great Architect of the Universe” much like a chaplain will offer a prayer or a moment of meditation to any group of people of mixed religious backgrounds. This is much like AA saying believe in a higher power is necessary, but they don’t care if you follow God, Yahweh, Jehovah, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Your personal beliefs are yours, and your brother’s are his. Period.
        As I said earlier. I come from a mixed religious background. My grandmother was Catholic, while my grandfather was Protestant, and had a strong Masonic tradition in his family. I even grew up in the Masonic Youth, so unlike you I actually know from whence I speak, having spent a good amount of time in lodge rooms and around Masons and their satellite organizations growing up.
        Maybe it’s high time for the Church to review old prejudices, and actually look at this group they have so maligned, because frankly to those of us who know both groups, the Church looks like a bully saying “My way or the highway” and when it comes to the social lives of their congregants, who are doing nothing that could be construed to be against Church laws, with their inflexible and hard hearted stance on a group almost as old as they are.

        • CygnusX1 says:

          To say all religions are valid is to say no religion is true. This is where the masons and the Catholic Church disagree. To have a prayer to all god’s is to say there is not one true God.
          The God of Buddhism, Islam, Hindu are not the same as the One True God of Christieanity. And the Catholic Church is the only Church started by Christ Himself. The others were started by men, Smith, Calvin, Luther, etc…

          • Melody Rain says:

            Except “all the Gods” you mention are all the Judeo-Christian God. Which leaves your argument as invalid.

          • Melody Rain says:

            Furthermore, Luther, Calvin and the rest (save Smith) did not “create new religions” they had fundamental differences with the way the Roman Catholic Church (mainly the greedy corrupt Borgias masquerading as the Church) were interpreting the Bible. Even modern Catholicism agrees that the things that caused the great rift and spawned the Protestant movement were valid. Now to take the next steps and stop criminalizing those who have minor disagreements in theories.

    • Narcisse says:

      Thanks for your message. Am proud to be mason.

    • tony says:

      Maybe a good read of Albert Pike might help you to understand, what freemasonary is all about.. Morals and dogma required reading for higher ranking masons. If you are still delusional after reading his stuff, you can look to Alisiter Crowley for your info,,, or maybe just read the Churches history on masons .. That is where i get my information on masons

  • Rolando Dias says:

    Absolutely right Cammile Martens ,I am a Roman Catholic as well as a mason and enjoying it.

  • Lien says:

    I suggest those people who commented against Masonry to please do deeper research. It is not a cult for God sake!!!

  • Jose Mateo says:

    Cheers to you Bro. Rolando

  • Dorothy says:

    Why does your page carry this ad: Join Illuminati Today
    Power, Fame and Wealth. Join Us European Agent, Griffin Du Plessis

  • stephan edeh says:

    I m a catholic for ever and I m proud of it

  • Mark says:

    You cannot be Catholic and a Mason. That’s like saying I am Catholic and pro choice. I would suggest you become a Knight of Columbus if you wish to join a fraternal organization. The Knights are in union with the Holy See.

  • Jhen says:

    My husband is a mason and we are catholics.. Actually they have members whi serve the church.. Its just that masonry is not limited to catholics only.. They have muslim brothers et al.. Masonry requires that u believe in God.. They are not cult nor evil people.. They do a lot in order to serve people..

  • Ben says:

    Im a freemason and a catholic, Im happy about it 🙂

  • Ben says:

    who r u to judge people? 🙂

    • CygnusX1 says:

      Christ tells us to judge ritously. We all must judge. Is that wright or wrong. If it’s wrong we are obligated as Catholics to say so in order to help those from living in sin.
      Christ said if you have an issue talk it out. If that doesn’t work, go to the Church and discuss it with them. He did not say hide your moral obligations under a cloak of tolerance.

  • Melody Rain says:

    The masons have nothing to do with illuminati. That’s a crock of hooey.
    Says the girl who had a Catholic Grandmother and a Protestant Grandfather with a long masonic history in his family.

  • Daboy says:

    I’m a pure Roman Catholic and a Mason, and I’m happy… I suggest that you should knock on the Pearly Gates for you guys to know more about Masonry… Just a glimpse guys we in Masonry we start and end our meetings by prayer, is that what you called Satanism… come on guys…

  • Visuca says:

    Some of these questions are so utterly ridiculous that other than making me smile or laugh (like this one) unless I am too tired to do anything else I do not read them: however, ‘the answers’ are so good-brilliant most of the time that I end up reading them just for the answers. My thanks to all of you out there that take the trouble to teach us in a true Apostolic, Roman- Catholic tradition. May God Bless you.

  • Willie Lende says:

    If you really spent time and dig in to a study, there are secrets hidden in both catholism and Freemasonary. There exoteric(openly) and esoteric(secret) sections. Jesus never do things in secretas he said in Jonh18:20. church and freemason that do things in secret and devil worshipers.read moral and dogma by albert pike,the prophet of the devil.

  • rene says:

    If u are catholic member which is the body of the lord live with it without fear.. ….if you joined another group seems u did not trust his body…jesus christ…

  • CygnusX1 says:

    If you are a Catholic you cannot be a Mason and still be in communion with the church. Please, look it up, ask your priest, your Bishop. You need to reconcile this. Put aside your arrogance and stop thinking you know better and discuss it with the Catholic Church.

  • Steve - Senior Warden says:

    You have it backwards as most do that have no idea of what they are talking about. It is The Catholic Church that is anti-Masonic. Freemasonry is NOT anti-Catholic. Myself and half of my Lodge would be unwelcome if Masons were anti-Catholic. Freemasons believe that only YOU can decide how to worship God.

    • Tony Bertani says:

      Have you read Albert Pike and his thoughts on God and Lucifer? He is required reading, The Masons have been trying to destroy the Church for hundreds of years, Steve you have it backwards

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