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What do you have to say about the constant comments that the Pope and the Church is somewhat masonic or has something to do with Illuminati? And that she is false?


Illuminati is an offshoot of Freemasons. In fact the Church has been in constant war with these and similar cults throughout the ages hence the issuance of an excommunication punishment for any Catholic who joins these societies. An excommunication renewed by St John Paul II. You must also know that the Freemasons reject people who publicly profess Catholicism from being members of the cult, especially the clergy. One time, a priest said he was a member of the Freemasons cult and was excommunicated by the Church and was also publicly rejected by the cult.
The church’s teachings are totally incompatible with their beliefs. And as a matter of fact, the founder of Illuminati, began this cult with grudges against the Church and so did all in his powers to fight her teachings..
Therefore, anyone who says the Church is Masonic or has a link to Illuminati is the most unrealistic liar. A lie history exposes if you’d research on the wars of the Church against cultism.
And also on the Church being false, Jesus already swore “the gates of hades shall never prevail”. Anyone who says “the Church is false” and also believes that Christ isn’t a liar is confused. If you want to believe that the Church is false you must believe first that Christ is a liar. However if you’re a christian and believe Christ cannot lie (and truly he cannot) then you should believe that his promise to his bride, the Church holds true forever.
We believe in a Christ who doesn’t lie, he made a promise, he keeps it. The Church is strong forever against the onslaughts of the devil and will always stand until her glorious Groom returns.
Christ is true therefore his words are true. If his words are true therefore the Church cannot be conquered by hell. If the Church cannot be conquered by hell, therefore the Church is always true !