Image of Jesus Christ mysteriously appears in center of Argentinian town

An image of Christ appeared in General Las Heras, in the eastern province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The locals believe the image has a “holy power,” and that the apparition is a “blessing.”
Pablo Jose Fredes took several pictures of Christ, which he posted to the internet, drawing the attention of millions.
“This is a strong image, you can see Jesus Christ in the tree and when you are standing in front of the tree you can feel something inside yourself,” Fredes explained.
Another local, Ajv Velo, took pictures as well.

The image appeared in a tree trunk.The image appeared in a tree trunk (CEN).

He stated: “So many people of faith have arrived in the area in order to see his face and to pray in front of the tree and offer themselves to God in front of it.”
Locals say the tree is in a section of town that is rarely visited but after the images were posted online, buses full of tourists have started to arrive.

Jesus appeared in a neglected part of the Argentinian town.Jesus appeared in a neglected part of the Argentinian town (CEN).

People have been visiting the tree to see Christ and pay their respects in hopes of a blessing.
Residents call it an “amazing Holy find” but many believe it is simple coincidence.
There is no news yet on whether the Vatican will investigate but many critics think the likeness is born of the phenomenon pareidolia, which is when the brain finds patterns and meanings in otherwise random shapes or features.
Whether the “Tree-sus” is a blessing or not, locals stand firm in their faith.
By Kenya Sinclair

Raphael Benedict

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