In light of Matthew 11:11, who is the greater human creature, Mary or John the Baptist?

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Protestants point to Matthew 11:11, where Jesus claims that John the Baptist is the greatest born of woman. Yet we consider Mary to be the greatest human creature as Theotokos. How do we reconcile these arguments?


Obviously a literal, uninformed reading of this verse can be problematic. Jesus must have had a specific context in mind when he made that statement. The context comes into focus when we consider the preceding verses, where Jesus asked, “Why then did you go out? To see a prophet?” and then answered, “Yes, I tell you, and more than a prophet” (Matt. 11:9).
Clearly Jesus was proclaiming John the Baptist to be the greatest of all the prophets, indeed even something greater than a prophet, i.e. the Precursor.


  • Spol says:

    Christhians added something contradictory and evidently fake : “but the littlest in the kingdom of heavens is greater than he” (in fact they changed another verse that they also didn´t like: “Elijah has to come first to save all the world” {see Malachi in original hebrew; if he does not come, the Earth will be totally annihilated} by “Elijah has to come first to order all things”). But this didn’t satisfy them, so they invented the so called “gospel of John”, this overwhelmingly childish “gospel” from the beginning has the task of trivialize John Baptist, and shows a clearly autolatrous and falsified Jesus totally contradictory and pre-designed according to pagan conceptions that flourished and prevailed about him. Real Jesus Vs Jesus from the land of Oz,

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