Inspirational: Super Chico defeats COVID-19 for the second time

This exceptional little boy overcomes yet another challenge with incredible strength.

The child hero Super Chico is back in action against the hidden, worldwide enemy. The boy, who has Down syndrome and several comorbidities, caught COVID-19 for the second time and overcame the disease again.

It began in November 2021 with the symptoms we all know: coughing, difficulty breathing, and a urinary tract infection. The 5-year-old had to be hospitalized. Intubation became inevitable as his health condition worsened.

“This time, it was worse because the other time [in July 2020, when Chico first caught the virus], he had progressive improvement. Every day there was good news. This time it wasn’t like that,” Dani Guedes Bombini, Chico’s mother, told Fantástico.

According to the doctors, COVID-19 is four times more lethal in carriers of Down syndrome. Chico’s case was even more severe since he also has chronic renal failure, congenital heart disease, and oxygen-dependent.

But Chico is a warrior. He began to show improvement and, after 15 days on mechanical ventilation, the doctors extubated him. The nurse who accompanied him in the ICU revealed to Fantástico touching details of that moment.

“When he was waking up from sedation, his mother said: ‘Come back, Chico, get your backpack and let’s go.’ He laughed, and tried to wake up … It’s a moment you can’t forget.”

The little boy left the hospital wearing a superhero cape, to much applause from the healthcare team. On Instagram, his mother gave the good news of his being discharged from the hospital and thanked everyone for their prayers for the little Brazilian who has enchanted everyone with his example of strength and hope.:

Once again, our super hero has beaten COVID-19!!!!!!!!! He fought a lot!! Little by little I’ll tell you about it! We’re already home and everything is fine! He is very happy and we can’t even talk about it … Thank you all for your prayers and infinite love, Chico is really loved!

More about the story of Super Chico

Super Chico was born prematurely, and spent six months in the neonatal ICU. It was there that he earned his heroic nickname. After that, he faced seven surgeries to treat kidney, heart, and hypothyroidism problems. He was hospitalized more than 10 times and underwent several blood transfusions. In 2020, he caught the coronavirus for the first time, spending four months in the children’s ward and 13 in the ICU of a hospital in Bauru, in the state of São Paulo, where he lives.

His example of strength has inspired many parents. For this reason, the little warrior became a phenomenon on the internet. Today, the profile managed by his mother has more than 240,000 followers on Instagram.

Chico is an inspiration who brings hope and love!

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