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Iranian President to visit the Vatican early next year

President of Iraq, Hassan Rouhani is scheduled to make his first visit to the Vatican and hold talks with Pope Francis next year in January.
“No exact date has been set, but President Rouhani’s visit will take place towards the end of January,” Papal Spokesman Ciro Benedettini told reporters on Tuesday.
The Iranian president had been scheduled to visit  the Vatican in November as part of the grand tour that would have taken him to Italy and France but his plans were cancelled in the wake of the Paris Terrorist attack that left more than hundreds dead.
President Rouhani’s January visit will mark the first time an Iranian President will be visiting the Vatican since Mohammed Khatami attended St John Paul II’s funeral in 2005.
French President, Francois Hollande announced on Dec 19 that he would be hosting President Hassan Rouhani early next year- January 27.

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