This Irish priest sings the most beautiful adaptation of ‘Hallelujah’ you have ever heard

Irish priest, Fr. Ray Kelly has an adaptation of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ that will move you to tears.


The video, which has gone viral, is so powerful and so beautiful we could not help but stop from our news and share it with you.

We pray that it inspires you, renewing your faith and your love.

He who sings prays twice.

By Marshall Connolly



  1. Patricia Klein Reply

    That was sensational!

  2. Carol Booh Reply

    So beautiful..

  3. Christopher Jason Reply

    Jesus Christ almighty he is the most talented priest I ever seen

  4. Ludz Dedal Reply

    I couldn’t stop but keep on playing the video in admiration to his beautiful voice with tears in my eyes! His beautiful voice keep on ringing in my ears. Really amazing!!!

  5. Ludz Dedal Reply

    His beautiful amazing voice is really inspiring and I couldn’t stop but still keep on listening to this video everytime tears fell in my eyes!!!

  6. Eileen Hedrick Reply

    Beautiful Alleluia in praise to You, Lord God. May you bless all marriages dedicated to you,Lord!

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